NFL: Tampa Bay Buccaneers at Indianapolis Colts

Tom Brady did not play in 2023 after retiring for the second time in two years. But the legendary NFL quarterback is teasing yet another comeback, telling Shadow Lion's "DeepCuts" podcast recently that he's "not opposed" to another on-field gig at age 46. Brady even went so far as to mention two potential destinations: the New England Patriots, his former team of 20 years; and the Las Vegas Raiders, with whom he's still working to become part-owner.

Is he actually serious? And would any teams have more than subtle interest? Brady will be 47 at the start of 2024, after all, and while his all-time legacy is secure, he was more serviceable than special in his final go-round with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. But if anyone is liable to disrupt the entire league with a second comeback, even if just for the latter stages of a season, as Brady suggested, it's probably him.

Here are 10 different teams to monitor if Brady ramps up efforts to suit up once more:

There might not be a team more desperate for quarterback help right now, and picking at No. 12 overall in the draft, it's possible they won't be able to secure a top prospect at the position. Head coach Sean Payton, meanwhile, was not so long ago on the Miami Dolphins' radar; Miami was later disciplined for tampering with the coach, seemingly hoping to pair him with a quarterback named ... Tom Brady.

The Browns have no financial choice but to keep hoping Deshaun Watson stays healthy and/or returns to the Pro Bowl form he hasn't seen in four years. But what if Watson goes down again in 2024? They're built to contend now, and passing game coordinator Chad O'Shea was part of the Brady-era Patriots regime.

Can you imagine a more "Jerry Jones" splash? Obviously Dak Prescott is the guy here, but even he doesn't have long-term security, currently on track to play out a contract year. Dallas has the play-makers to be a contender, but if Prescott were to go down, only Cooper Rush and an unproven Trey Lance might stand in the way of a total overhaul. Brady representing the Star would be quite the way to go out.

The Dolphins have certainly seen Tua Tagovailoa grow, to the point they may extend the young quarterback sooner rather than later. But as of now, he's entering a contract year, and he's still got injury/big-game questions. Both Brady and Miami reportedly entertained a team-up before, and the Dolphins boast an even more electrifying offense under Mike McDaniel now.

Let's be clear: Brock Purdy is their guy, and he more than earned the right to keep the top job for his part in the 49ers advancing to the Super Bowl in 2023. But coach Kyle Shanahan admitted in the lead-up to the big game that San Francisco entertained a Brady pursuit prior to the season, confirming years of speculation linking Brady to the Bay Area. In the event Purdy goes down, why wouldn't it be revisited?

If the Jets didn't pursue or secure Brady in 2023, when Aaron Rodgers was lost for all but four snaps of the season due to an Achilles tear, maybe they never will. But what if Rodgers' anticipated return doesn't go according to plan? New York has put so much into winning now rather than later, and Brady would get the chance to see his old friends in New England if he returned soon enough.

When Brady left the Patriots in 2020, it seemed certain he'd never be back. But he returned in 2023 for a jersey retirement ceremony, he just name-dropped the Pats as a possible destination, and longtime coach Bill Belichick is also gone, opening the door for a refreshed relationship with team staffers. New England is likely to spend a high draft pick on a long-term signal-caller, but imagine if new head man Jerod Mayo preferred to restore some of the Brady culture, enabling his old teammate to lead a real retirement tour?

Logistically, this makes the most sense, provided Brady's bid to become a minority owner of the club doesn't completely fold. He's already got an in with principal owner Mark Davis, reportedly advising club brass on the hiring of new coach Antonio Pierce this offseason, and there are win-now pieces in place, including star wideout Davante Adams. Imagine Brady defending his unmatched title-game record in the same division as the Kansas City Chiefs and future Hall of Famer Patrick Mahomes.

If Brady and Sean Payton were reportedly aiming to team up years ago, it stands to reason Brady is comfortable with a number of Payton's trusted assistants, including current Saints coach Dennis Allen, who notably gave the quarterback fits during his time with the Buccaneers. Derek Carr is expendable after 2024 as New Orleans' current starter, and he also battled multiple injuries throughout 2023.

The Vikings surely didn't just refuse to pay top dollar for Kirk Cousins, only to turn around and hand the quarterback job to a nearly 47-year-old Brady. They've got eyes on a new face of the franchise in the draft. But what if things don't shake out the way they hope, or an injury threatens to derail their playoff hopes for a second straight year? With a ready-made lineup featuring stars like Justin Jefferson and a staff including former Patriots assistant Brian Flores, Brady could be a last-gasp emergency play.