When you're handing out a Super Bowl ring, it's not easy to impress someone who has already won six of them in his career, but that's exactly what the Tampa Bay Buccaneers did with Tom Brady on Thursday night. 

During a private event in Tampa, the Buccaneers unveiled their Super Bowl ring and the design was so impressive that it left Brady in awe, which is saying a lot, since he now has seven rings in his collection. 

"I think this is by far the most incredible ring that's ever been made and it's commemorating a very special team that came together at the most important moments," Brady said via the team's official website

If you're wondering why Brady was impressed, it's probably because of this: The ring consists of 319 diamonds, which includes 15 karats of white diamonds and 14 karats of yellow diamonds. The 319 wasn't a random number either, the Buccaneers picked it to commemorate their 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs

Here's what the front of the ring looks like: 

Of the 319 diamonds, the eight emerald cut stones on the right represent the fact that the Buccaneers won eight straight games to win the Lombardi Trophy. The nine diamonds on the far left of the ring represent the fact that Tampa Bay surrendered just nine points in the Super Bowl. 

Brady had a big smile on his face while he was unboxing his ring at the team event. 

"Rings are a great commemoration piece," Brady said. "They're not so much rings, they're more like trophies that you wear on your finger. It's a commemoration of all the blood, sweat and tears we put into the season.

If you need a better idea of just how big the ring is, just check out what it looks like on the finger of Buccaneers linebacker Devin White

The Buccaneers Super Bowl ring also includes one feature that no NFL team has ever had on a ring: A removable top. The Buccaneers wanted to commemorate the fact that they were the first team to win a Super Bowl in their home stadium, so the ring was created with a removable top that shows Raymond James Stadium underneath it. 

Buccaneers captain Lavonte David helped design the ring and he said adding the removal top to honor the home win was an easy decision.  

"It was necessary because it was a part of history," David said. "To be the first team to win the Super Bowl in your own home stadium, that's history being made and that's going to last forever. You've got to input that in some way in the ring just to show that we were the first that did it. It's going to last for a lifetime."

The inside top of each ring features an inscription that says, "On February 7th 2021 history was made when the Tampa Bay Buccaneers became the first team to win the Super Bowl at home in Raymond James Stadium."

To make the ring, the Buccaneers eschewed tradition and went to Jason of Beverly Hills. Most teams go to Jostens (a company that has created 36 of the first 54 rings) or Tiffany (a company that has created seven of 54), but the Buccaneers decided to do things differently. 

As for Brady, although he now has seven rings in his collection, which you can see below, he's already thinking about his eighth.

During a brief talk at the ring event, Brady made sure to let everyone know that he's already thinking about winning another Super Bowl. 

"You know which ring's my favorite one? The next one," Brady said. 

The 43-year-old quarterback was on the same page as Buccaneers coach Bruce Arians, who was also already thinking about winning another one at the team's event. 

The Buccaneers bid to repeat as champions will start on Saturday when the team reports for training camp.