Last season, the Kansas City Chiefs busted out of the gates absolutely on fire offensively. Kansas City opened the season on a 5-0 stretch during which they averaged 32.8 points per game, with Alex Smith, Kareem Hunt, Travis Kelce, and Tyreek Hill hitting big plays seemingly every other snap. The Chiefs then went on a prolonged midseason slump, but by the tail end of the year they had gotten back on track. 

This year, Hill thinks the Chiefs will keep up that explosion all season. 

"I know that we will be the best offense in this National Football League, without a doubt in my head," Hill said, per "We got the best tight end, the best running back, we got two of the best deep-ball threat receivers -- Sammy Watkins addition, who can do it all -- great offensive line, Hall of Fame coach. So the sky's the limit for us. It's up to us to put all the pieces together."

The man tasked with putting all the pieces together will be second-year quarterback Patrick Mahomes. The Chiefs traded Alex Smith to Washington this offseason in order to facilitate Mahomes' move into the starting lineup. While Smith made a bunch of plays downfield last season, it was not exactly his forte previously; but for Mahomes, that's his greatest strength. 

That monster arm pairs well with Watkins and especially with Hill, who has deep speed to burn. "I feel like I'm the fastest -- the best at my position," Hill said. "I do everything that I'm supposed to do as a route runner. I am the fastest."

It's tough to think of a quarterback who has a better stable of weapons to whom he can distribute the ball, and it's always good to have offensive mastermind Andy Reid scheming a quarterback into position for success. The Chiefs do indeed have a strong offensive line, though we saw last year how quickly it can crumble if even one player sustains an injury. Mahomes is in a good position to hit the ground running and light up the scoreboard right away, but you never know what will happen with a first-year starter. 

If the Chiefs' performance on defense during the preseason is any indication, though, they're going to need every last score Mahomes, Hunt, Hill, Kelce, Watkins, and company can muster.