People have been writing mean tweets about famous people since the beginning of Twitter, so back in 2012, someone at "Jimmy Kimmel Live" decided to round up those tweets and have celebrities read them for a segment fittingly called, 'Celebrities read mean tweets.' 

The Cowboys liked the idea so much they decided to round up some mean tweets and have their players read them. 

Twitter's favorite team doesn't seem to be the Cowboys. (
Twitter's favorite team doesn't seem to be the Cowboys. (

As you'll see, the Cowboys might be America's Team, but they're definitely not Twitter's team. 

In the newest video, you get to see cornerback Terrance Williams read this tweet.

Just got an amber alert on my phone. Terrance Williams has went missing.

— D-Town. (@39Smooth) December 5, 2014

You also get to see Brandon Carr read this tweet.

If Odell beckham makes the madden cover so does Brandon Carr

— Cody Lambert (@CodyL5858) May 9, 2015

And you also get to see poor Brandon Weeden read this tweet. 

are we sure brandon weeden is really a better choice than not using a qb at all

— Lana Berry (@Lana) December 21, 2014

Ladies and gentleman, I present to you, "Cowboys players read mean tweets, Part 2."

(Part 1 is here)