The most stunning development in the early window of the NFL's Week 17 involved the Patriots falling to the Miami Dolphins, while the Kansas City Chiefs secured a win over the Chargers and, with it, the No. 2 seed in the AFC playoff bracket. Both things needed to happen for the Chiefs to land that first-round bye, so everyone at Arrowhead on Sunday afternoon kept one eye on the field and another on the score in New England. 

Things ended up unfolding rather dramatically, as the Dolphins took a late lead over the Patriots and the Chiefs all but sealed their own victory within a matter of minutes, sending the Arrowhead friendlies into a craze. Kevin Harlan was on-hand to call the Chiefs-Chargers game for CBS and he delivered some pretty spectacular commentary while delivering updates on both games simultaneously. 

This is a tremendous exchange: 

"I'm getting confused, what game are you calling?" - Rich Gannon

"I'm calling both games!" - Kevin Harlan

"CBS is going to have to send you two checks." - Gannon

"I think I'm breaking every FCC rule in the book." - Harlan

Rule-breaker or not, Harlan provided some crucial information for anyone watching the broadcast and did it in just about the most entertaining way possible, so credit goes to him. It's certainly not the first time he's had some fun with some wild off-beat action and it likely won't be the last. 

At this point, if there's chaos happening in the NFL you can only hope that Harlan is there to describe it.