The Patriots played almost all of Super Bowl LI in catch-up mode. They trailed 21-3 at halftime. A Falcons' score in the third quarter pushed the deficit to 25 points. At that point, the game was over -- at least that's what everyone watching, including Mark Wahlberg, seemed to think.

Before the game, Wahlberg -- a Patriots fan from Boston -- was on the field. During the game, he watched from a suite. But this video shows Wahlberg leaving before the game ended.

The Patriots won the game, completing the largest Super Bowl comeback in NFL history.

They ripped off 25 points in the second half to tie the game and force overtime. To do so, they needed a Matt Ryan fumble, a touchdown and two-point conversion, some awful play calling by the Falcons to get the ball back, a historic catch by Julian Edelman, and another touchdown and two-point conversion with less than a minute remaining. And then they won the game on the first possession of overtime.

After the game, Wahlberg said that he left because his kid wasn't feeling well.

Two years ago, when the Patriots won their fourth Super Bowl over the Seahawks, cameras and microphones overheard Wahlberg celebrating on the field with Tom Brady. You can hear Wahlberg telling Brady, "The best ever. Ever. ... You gotta add a couple more to the resume, so what are they gonna say?" It's hard to hear, but that was the gist of it.

Hopefully, he caught the final minutes on the radio this time.