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The Tampa Bay Buccaneers did not have a typical Wednesday. The Bucs were out celebrating their Super Bowl LV victory, doing so on water. Players hopped into boats for a socially distanced celebration to commemorate their 31-9 win over the Kansas City Chiefs on Sunday and show off the Lombardi Trophy to Bucs fans in Tampa.

Bucs quarterback Tom Brady is no stranger to victory parades. In fact, he's now had more Super Bowl celebrations than any NFL team. The future Hall of Famer just secured his seventh ring and his fifth Super Bowl MVP award, meaning he has more Super Bowl MVPs than any other quarterback has Super Bowl wins.

Even though he has records that go on forever and is familiar with the championship parade, it seems Brady brings the same level of fun and excitement to each celebration.

On Wednesday, celebrating his first ring in Tampa, it appears TB12 was having a blast at his first parade in warm weather. He is used to freezing temperatures and snow for parades back when he was with the New England Patriots. But this time he got to cruise in his $2 million boat for the event, catching some rays -- and throwing the Lombardi Trophy -- while he's at it.

Brady looked like he had a great time.

Here are some videos of the GOAT celebrating:

Brady always posts videos on social media after his wins, and on Wednesday he took some footage from the parade to add to his post.

The video shows him on the water holding the Lombardi Trophy and holding up seven fingers, shrugging.

Brady also responded after one of the videos made the rounds on social media.

Many fans thought Brady would be done years ago, but, at 43 years old, he has proven he's still capable of leading a team to a title. A motivated Brady is a dangerous Brady and there's a good chance seven championships won't be the end of his story.

But for Wednesday, it was all about enjoying the parade.