For the first time in his 16-year career, Philip Rivers will be free to sign with the team of his choice this offseason. The Chargers quarterback will officially become a free agent on March 18, and as of right now, it's anybody's guess where he might end up. Running back Melvin Gordon -- who played for the Chargers in 2019 and is also set to hit unrestricted free agency this March -- doesn't get paid to make free agency predictions, but he decided to make one anyway this week. During an interview on CBS Sports Network's "We Need to Talk," Gordon was asked where he thought Rivers might end up, and he didn't waste any time making his prognostication. 

The 26-year-old running back, who spent five seasons with Rivers, believes that his former teammate will be heading to the midwest. 

"I think he goes to the Colts," Gordon said, before clearing up that he didn't have any inside information. "I don't know, that's just my thought."

The reason Gordon likes the Colts as a landing spot for Rivers is that it would reunite him with Nick Sirianni, who currently serves as the offensive coordinator in Indy. Before signing on with the Colts, Sirianni spent five seasons as an offensive assistant with the Chargers. 

"He has [connections]," Gordon said.  "Nick... he came from here, we had him, and he's the offensive coordinator there. They run the same playbook, so it'd be easy, he could come right in and he could be telling guys what to do, he knows what's going on already."

Gordon also likes the fact that Frank Reich is the head coach, and that's because Rivers has a history with him. A few years before Reich was hired by the Colts, he spent three seasons with the Chargers, including two as the team's offensive coordinator (2014-15). In 2015, Rivers threw for a career-high 4,792 yards. 

"We have history with [Reich] as well, so it'd be an easy plug-in," Gordon said. "So I think that's probably the best fit, but you never know. Tampa, I hear, is a place. I try not to talk to Phil about free agency, he has enough people in his ear about that. I think the Colts, though."

Gordon seems to be on the same page as our Cody Benjamin, who has also listed the Colts as the top potential landing spot for Rivers. You can check out Benjamin's entire list of possible landing spots by clicking here

Whatever team signs Rivers, they'll have to go into it knowing that he's a short term solution at quarterback. The 38-year-old has already said that he only plans to play for two more seasons at the most

"I can say for certain that if I'm playing, it's a two-year maximum," Rivers said. "Whoever the suitors are, I think that would be their hope as well. Because you never know how it goes. Shoot, if we stink it up after one year, I'm probably done. If we play really good, they'll probably want to go again."

As for Gordon, he admitted that he got pretty emotional when he found out his quarterback was leaving. 

"It was sad. I can't lie," Gordon said. "I woke up to a text message from him, just saying, 'I appreciate you guys, I love you guys and we'll cross paths again.' And I was like, 'Huh?' And then I went to social media and I saw it, and I was like, 'OK, it makes sense.' It's sad because he's really a great teammate."

The good news for Gordon is that there's a small chance he could end up playing with Rivers again. If Gordon doesn't re-sign in Los Angeles, he could end up in the same city as his long-time teammate.