Eli Manning's career with the New York Giants is likely coming to a close. With that comes career retrospectives from reporters around the country. One that was published recently gave us this nugget about Eli: He has a postgame tradition that not many knew about.

According to ESPN's Ian O'Connor, Manning always drinks beers on the team bus following road games. It is made possible because the quarterback has someone at every stadium that can go and buy him a six or 12-pack.

From ESPN:

Eli Manning always drank beer on the team bus. It was a Broadway Joe kind of thing to do, and a fact that might run counter to an image Manning spent absolutely no time crafting. But win, lose or draw, Manning would find someone on the road to buy him a six-pack or 12-pack that he would carry to the back of the bus, on ice, and share with some veterans as they discussed the game on the ride to the airport.

You can simply add this consistent tradition to Manning's consistency on the field. The constant road game beers did stun his New York Giants teammates. 

"It was unbelievable," Lawrence Tynes, the kicker who won two championships with the quarterback, said. "He had a guy in every f---ing stadium in the league to get him that beer."

Recent evidence shows that Manning enjoys a cold beverage. He was seen playing flip cup with Daniel Jones and his teammates at a Hoboken, N.J. bar last week after the Giants defeated the Washington Redskins.

The veteran quarterback has only played in four games during the 2019 season after being replaced by Jones following Week 2. Manning did lead the Giants to a 1-1 record and throw four touchdown passes when he filled in for the injured Jones earlier this month.