It appears the Washington Capitals' relentless Stanley Cup bender is finally winding down a bit, or at least taking a break. Players spoke to the media on Wednesday, which means we got one of hockey's most horrifying annual traditions: Finding out about all the injuries that the guys were dealing with during the playoff run.

Defenseman Brooks Orpik had the grossest reveal of the day when he let us know his pinky finger "kinda fell off" after he got slashed during Game 2 of the Stanley Cup Final series against the Vegas Golden Knights.

Orpik had the finger reattached and he didn't miss any games ... of course. 

Here's a gross look at Orpik's injury from the Caps' parade.


Hey, no thanks!

The 37-year-old defenseman also said he dealt with another more bothersome hand injury that came just two games into the playoffs. Orpik said that injury may require surgery. 

In any case, I'm sure Orpik isn't too upset about his injuries considering the way things turned out for Washington. He played a pretty significant role on the Caps' blue line the entire way through, even scoring a game-winning goal in the Cup Final. That was his first goal in 220 games. Not too shabby for a guy with nine digits and change.