Only one player in NHL history has ever successfully pulled off the lacrosse-style goal, and now he's done it twice. Carolina Hurricanes winger Andrei Svechnikov accomplished the feat for the second time this season on Tuesday night, delivering a sick highlight in Winnipeg. 

The goal came during the second period of the Hurricanes-Jets game and saw the 19-year-old Svechnikov cradle the puck behind the goal line before tucking it over the right shoulder of Winnipeg goaltender Connor Hellebuyck to give the Canes a 3-2 lead.

The second installment of the trickery might be more impressive than the first, especially considering it came against arguably the league's best goaltender this season.

And here's a comparison of the two:

Svechnikov had time to set up shop and methodically execute the first lacrosse-style tally, which came in an October game against the Flames. However, the Hurricanes winger had a much smaller window and faced a bit more intense pressure as he attempted to double down on Tuesday night. Still, he got the job done on both occasions.

The move originated from Michigan's Mike Legg, who got creative during a college hockey game in 1996, and it has been replicated numerous times over the years, but never in the NHL until Svechnikov successfully pulled it off for the first time earlier this year. Now having done it twice, Svechnikov may be starting to take some ownership of the fancy maneuver.