The Los Angeles Kings have been one of the worst and most boring teams in the NHL this season, so there haven't been many reasons for fans outside of L.A. to tune in and watch.

Saturday night was a different story though, as legendary rapper Snoop Dogg was something of an MC for the Kings' contest against the Penguins at Staples Center. The Compton native not only dropped the puck for the ceremonial opening face-off...

...but he also headed upstairs to join the Kings' commentary team in the broadcast booth. This wasn't just one of your run-of-the-mill celebrity guest interviews in the booth, either. No, Snoop was all business once he got that headset on, and he went into full play-by-play mode. 

As you'd imagine, it was hilarious and electric. 

Here are some highlights:

Arguably the best clip of the night came at the end of the first period when Kings defenseman Dion Phaneuf mixed things up with some Pittsburgh players after a whistle. As the two teams came together to ramp up the animosity, Snoop's excitement level skyrocketed.

 "He fired on cuz, hold on now. Get it cracking then, let's go! Snoop Dogg in the house...let me see something!"

It turns out he's also one of those fans who relentlessly yells "shoot it!" during power plays, though he's got a great way of going about it.

Snoop has been a hockey fan for quite some time and has been spotted at NHL games regularly. He was even enlisted by the league to serve as DJ for the player intros at the 2017 All-Star Game in Los Angeles. By all indications, this is his first time taking a crack at commentating the sport, but it shouldn't be his last. 

Not only was he thoroughly entertaining but he also may be somewhat of a good luck charm for the Kings, who were able to take a 5-2 win against the streaking Penguins on Saturday night.