Buffalo Sabres

The Buffalo Sabres are going back to their roots with the release of their newest jerseys. The royal blue look is a long-time favorite and fans have been asking the team to return to the scheme. They listened, and gave the first look of their new threads on Tuesday.

The team wore royal blue from 1970-1996.

Check out the team's hype video for their fresh look:

The team's website gives more insight on what went into the inspiration and design:

"Our goal throughout this process has been to create a timeless uniform system that respects team heritage and looks boldly towards the future as well. Returning to our beloved royal blue was just the start - we wanted to create something truly unique. To do that, we needed to identify key elements that harken back to what's made this franchise so special through the years. " 

One of those elements is the inner neck collar, a "way of paying homage to our hometown, touching upon the City of Buffalo's official crest." The crest is another component, as it has been slightly altered from the original.

The website concludes their jersey reveal saying, "We are proud of our roots. We are proud of our passion."

Overall, fans, players and other teams loved this reveal and gave their reactions on social media.

Martin Biron dug up an old photo for the occasion.

He added that they look "awesome."

The city's NFL team approves.

The Buffalo Bison are also liking the new jerseys.

CBS Sports' own Pete Blackburn had high praise for the reveal. Summing it up with one word: "Elite."

Some fans are calling them "perfection."

There were of course, jokes about their play. This is Twitter, after all. Not everything can be positive.

A lot of jokes.