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Skylar Diggins-Smith is currently on maternity leave and therefore hasn't played this season. Even though the six-time WNBA All-Star has been on the Phoenix Mercury roster since 2020, she doesn't feel like she is being treated as a true team member this year.

The guard turned 33 on Wednesday, but a Mercury fan noticed the team's official social media account did not wish her a happy birthday. Diggins-Smith noticed it too, and she used the fan's comment as an opportunity to share how she was feeling.

"They're not gonna acknowledge me this year and it's OK guys," Diggins-Smith wrote on social media. "We're not affiliated unless it's the checks....per management. I can't even use the practice facility or any resources. But I still love the X-Factor!!"

This didn't go unnoticed, and it led to more questions being asked. When a WNBA writer expressed his shock that she wasn't allowed to use the facilities, Diggins-Smith gave more details. She said she didn't have access to "any massage therapists, chiropractor, chefs, strength and conditioning [or] nutritionist accessibility," which all other players have access to. 

She tried to focus on the positives by saying that at least she was able to lose 48 pounds on her own and that she was feeling "great." However, Diggins-Smith is still not feeling too good about the current situation.

"It was all good when I was leaving for personal time!! But when I'm leaving bc I was having complications and scared of risking my child….while leading the league in minutes (pregnant). Trade her?" she wrote on social media.

There is currently not a specific timeline on when Diggins-Smith might return, but she will be a free agent next year. 

It's been a less than ideal season for the Mercury so far. Brittney Griner returned after her 10-month detainment in Russia, but the team has struggled even with the star center back on the roster. The Mercury fired head coach Vanessa Nygaard after a 2-10 start, and they are not much better off with a current record of 6-19.