WWE Raw results, recap, grades: Johnny Gargano returns to WWE, Edge and Beth Phoenix back down Judgement Day


On Monday night, Edge wrestled in front of his hometown fans in Toronto for the first time in more than a decade when he faced Damian Priest in the main event of WWE Raw. Edge, along with Beth Phoenix, sent the crowd home happy with a big win over The Judgement Day's Priest.

Edge's return wasn't the only big thing on the show. Johnny Gargano returned to WWE, the women's tag team championship tournament rolled on and there was even a kidnapping. It was a loaded and noteworthy night of action as WWE continues to find its way under new management.

CBS Sports was with you all night with recaps and highlights of all the action from Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

'Johnny Wrestling' returns to WWE

Johnny Gargano made a surprise WWE return. His music hit and he walked to the ring, delivering a promo about how he nearly decided to retire after leaving as one of the biggest stars in NXT history. However, Gargano realized that he had big dreams, including winning WWE titles and competing at WrestleMania. "You will never fail if you bet on yourself," Gargano said. "So, that is what I am doing here in Toronto. I am betting on myself. I stand here incredibly proud to say Johnny Wrestling is back in WWE."

Theory then interrupted, trying to get the band back together with his former teammate, only for Gargano to drop him with a superkick. Gargano celebrated after the kick before making his way to the back as the Money in the Bank contract holder was still down on the canvas.

Triple H getting control of creative has certainly made it clear that he truly believes in the same men who were fixtures under him in NXT. Gargano was one of the biggest free agents in wrestling after leaving the company and spending time with his family and his newborn son. Him stepping back in a WWE ring is a big deal. Grade: B+

Edge defeats Priest but The Judgement Day gets the last laugh

Edge def. Damian Priest via pinfall. Early in the night, Damian Priest, along with The Judgement Day teammates Finn Balor and Rhea Ripley, cut a backstage promo. Priest vowed that he would send Edge back into retirement and would do so by beating him in front of his friends and family in Toronto. During the home stretch of the match, Priest attempted to sandwich Edge's head between two chairs to hit a Con-chair-to, but Edge managed to roll out of the way and use the chair leg to apply a crossface to Priest. Priest freed himself and hit Edge with the chair leg but could not secure the pin and Edge won after a Canadian destroyer and a spear.

After the match, Edge was setting Priest up for a Con-chair-to but was hit with a low blow by Ripley. Finn Balor then got involved with a Coup de Grace, but the group was ultimately forced to back down with Edge's wife, Beth Phoenix, ran to his aid with a steel chair.

The match itself wasn't anything special, not that it was bad by any measure. It was, however, nice to see Edge have the opportunity to wrestle in front of a Toronto crowd again. Phoenix getting involved is something of a necessity as Judgement Day's big move most weeks is Ripley cutting off anyone gaining momentum on Priest and Balor by knowing a man can not attack her as well. Now, Phoenix and Edge can team up to finish tearing down the group. Grade: B

What else happened on WWE Raw?

  • Riddle and Seth Rollins brawled to open the show. The brawl began backstage and carried out into the crowd until officials were finally able to separate the two.
  • IYO SKY & Dakota Kai def. Asuka & Alexa Bliss via pinfall to advance in the women's tag team championship tournament. The end came when SKY rolled up Asuka after Asuka forced Kai to tap, not realizing SKY was the legal participant. Before the match, SKY, Bayley and Kai confronted Trish Stratus but backed down when Stratus received backup from Bliss, Asuka and Bianca Belair.
  • Finn Balor def. Dolph Ziggler via pinfall after a Coup de Grace. Ziggler had the match in hand when Rhea Ripley jumped on the ring apron and hit Ziggler with a cheap shot, setting up Balor to get the win.
  • Kevin Owens def. Chad Gable via pinfall after a pop-up powerbomb. Gable had issued an open challenge for anyone to come to the ring and face him, which Owens gladly took him up on. After the match, Otis attacked Owens only to end up eating a stunner and having Owens powerbomb Gable on top of him.
  • Bayley def. Aliyah via pinfall after hitting a Rose Plant.
  • The Miz & Ciampa vs. Bobby Lashley & AJ Styles ended in a no contest when Dexter Lumis appeared in the crowd and kidnapped Miz.
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