WWE SmackDown results: Rey Mysterio vs. Dominik Mysterio set for WrestleMania 39, Rhodes vs. Sikoa set for Raw


You can poke a man all you want but never insult his wife. That is the level of antagonizing it took for Rey Mysterio to finally accept Dominik Mysterio's challenge for a father vs. son match at WrestleMania 39. The legendary luchador finally got the better of his petulant son on Friday's episode of WWE SmackDown.

Dominik Mysterio had poked at, insulted and physically assaulted his dad for months. Rey Mysterio, who will be inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame the night before WrestleMania, had steadfastly refused to physically confront his kin. That all changed when Dominik Mysterio yelled in his mom's face on Friday's show.

SmackDown also played host to the ongoing rivalry between Sami Zayn and The Bloodline ahead of Cody Rhodes vs. Roman Reigns for the undisputed WWE universal championship on night two of WrestleMania.

CBS Sports was with you all night with recaps and highlights of all the action from MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Rey Mysterio gives Dominik Mysterio a long overdue smack, accepts WrestleMania challenge

Rey Mysterio fought LA Knight in a match following last week's physical altercation backstage.

Knight def. Rey Mysterio via pinfall by roll up after a distraction by Dominik Mysterio. The legendary luchador was in control for the majority of the match but ate the pinfall after Dominik tripped him up by the ropes. 

Dominik once again tried to goad his father into a WrestleMania match afterwards, but Rey Mysterio refused to engage and slipped out of the ring. Dominik Mysterio approached his mother and sister sitting ringside, yelling at his mom to "shut up!" That action was enough to draw a physical response from Rey Mysterio, who smacked his son, eliciting a big pop from the live crowd. Rey Mysterio warned that disrespecting his wife was a step too far and finally accepted Dominik Mysterio's WrestleMania challenge.

Earlier in the evening, a match between Cody Rhodes and Ludwig Kaiser kicked off SmackDown.

Rhodes def. Kaiser via pinfall after hitting a Cross Rhodes following two prior attempts. Rhodes was in control for the majority of the match but Kaiser had his moments. Kaiser wrestled a technical match, but could not overcome big moves like the Cody Cutter and Beautiful Disaster springboard kick. Heyman and Sikoa arrived ringside during the match but minimally distracted Rhodes. 

Heyman confronted Rhodes on the microphone post-match, revealing that Rhodes would face Sikoa one-on-one on Monday Night Raw. Heyman also announced that Reigns would meet Rhodes face-to-face next week on SmackDown.

Rhodes reminded The Bloodline that he beat Seth Rollins in Hell in a Cell with "half of his body hanging" by a thread, a nod to his gruesome torn pectoral injury. Rhodes warned Siko and Reigns that they are not ready for what he is going to bring to Raw and WrestleMania.

Rey Mysterio giving his entitled, whiny son a long overdue slap was more satisfying than it had any right being. The crowd lapped it up with big cheers and a brief, "Yes!" chant. Dominik Mysterio was maligned as a babyface under his dad's tutelage, but this annoying man-child persona has been a hit. It's quite a rare treat to see a father vs. son match at WrestleMania and you can bet that Rey Mysterio will do everything he can to make it a success. It was an oddly uninteresting night as far as The Bloodline, Rhodes, Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn were concerned. It may be the natural de-escalation of things now that months of loose storyline threads are coming together. Even so, it was vastly less interesting than what recent weeks and months have offered. Grade: B

What else happened on WWE SmackDown?

  • John Cena vs. Austin Theory will kick off Night 1 of WrestleMania 39, according to Michael Cole.
  • Charlotte Flair cut a promo rejecting the idea that her success is due to nepotism, fear or security ahead of her SmackDown women's title match against Rhea Ripley at WrestleMania.
  • Natalya and Shotzi def. Xia Lia and Shotzi via submission after Natalya caught Li in the sharpshooter. Natalya and Shotzi earned their way into the fatal four-way tag team showcase match at WrestleMania.
  • Ronda Rousey and Shayna Bazler were added to the fatal four-way tag match at WrestleMania, the duo revealed post-match.
  • GUNTHER, Drew McIntyre and Sheamus signed their contracts for an intercontinental title match at WrestleMania.
  • GUNTHER def. Butch via pinfall after planting him with Last Symphony. McIntyre took GUNTHER out post-match with a Claymore kick.
  • The Usos laid out Kevin Owens and Sami Zayn during a jovial instalment of "The KO Show."
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