Auburn star Johni Broome got the biggest surprise of the day on Saturday when he slapped the hand of a fan who grabbed his jersey while sitting courtside. When Broome turned around, he realized the fan was legendary actor Morgan Freeman.

Broome saved a ball from going out of bounds and Freeman put his hand up to prevent from being crushed in the event Broome's momentum carried him into the seats. Broome felt Freeman tug at his jersey and immediately slapped at the hand that reached up at him. He quickly realized after turning around that it was not an eager Ole Miss fan, but actually one of the best actors of all time. Broome later went to shake Freeman's hand after the play and apologized.

"I thought it was an Ole Miss fan just grabbing my jersey and holding onto me," Broome said. "Then I saw who it was and, you know, I'm a big movie guy. I probably watched some of his movies on the plane coming here. But I realized it was him and was like, 'Oh my gosh, I'm a big fan, I'm sorry.' And he just said to keep playing."

What a turn of events. One second you think you're defending yourself from a crazy Ole Miss fan in Oxford, the next you're talking to a literal God (from Bruce Almighty, but still, the point stands).

Broome was the main character of the day during the action as well, as he helped lead Auburn to a 91-77 win at Ole Miss -- the Tigers first Quadrant 1 win of the season. Broome finished with 15 points, seven assists and nine rebounds. He collected all 15 of his points in the second half in the come-from-behind victory.