One of the best parts of UMBC's historic upset over No. 1 overall seed Virginia on Friday night during the first round of the NCAA Tournament was the Retrievers' extremely active and #engaging Twitter account

The man behind the account, Zach Seidel, is the team's director of multimedia communications and digital. He's already been profiled by the New York Times for dragging haters and slinging zingers -- and doing both extremely well. 

"People I haven't talked to in years were texting me, 'Hey, I still have your number from school,'" Seidel told the Times in an interview. "'I know we only hung out a few times, but oh my God, you're killing it on Twitter.'"

With a second-round matchup against No. 9 seed Kansas State at 7:45 p.m. ET on TruTV, Seidel is already back at it with his social media wins. 

It's a hell of a time to be alive for UMBC. They're soaking up the moment and rightly so. Still, because there are people on the internet who will be mad a literally anything, the now-famous Twitter account is still fending off doubters.  

We'll find out later on Sunday night if the Retrievers have another upset in them. For now, they, along with Loyola-Chicago, are the two best stories of the first weekend of the tourney.