It was a busy Sunday in sports and Hollywood.

The Minnesota Timberwolves fired Tom Thibodeau. The Memphis Grizzlies and Chandler Parsons separated -- presumably for good. The Chicago Bears lost a playoff game in the most disappointing of ways. Baltimore Ravens quarterback Lamar Jackson was booed at home in a loss to the Los Angeles Chargers. Jeff Bridges reminded me I'm alive. Bohemian Rhapsody somehow won a Golden Globe. 

Lots going on.

So a casual sports fan might have missed Seton Hall losing at DePaul on Sunday because it was way down on the list of notable things that happened. But it did happen. Here's proof. It's the reason Seton Hall went from getting 24 points in last week's Associated Press poll to just 14 points in this week's Associated Press poll. But what's hilarious is that Seton Hall would not have even gotten 14 points this week if not for The Oregonian's James Crepea and the Los Angeles Daily News' Scott Wolf being two of the people on this planet who clearly had no idea (when they submitted their ballots) that Seton Hall lost Sunday to a DePaul team that's 9-5 and ranked 116th at KenPom.

Crepea had Seton Hall ranked 24th on last week's ballot. Then the Pirates went out and lost to DePaul, and he responded by moving them up to 20th on this week's ballot. Meantime, Wolf didn't have Seton Hall ranked at all on last week's ballot. Then the Pirates went out and lost to DePaul, and he responded by ranking them 22nd on this week's ballot. So, obviously, both AP voters submitted ballots without realizing the Seton Hall-DePaul game went the way the Seton Hall-DePaul game went -- or, more likely, that it was even played at all.

Yes, it's just an honest mistake. But it's still a mistake.

It's not as big of a mistake as Bohemiam Rhapsody winning a Golden Globe.

But it's still a mistake rooted in carelessness.