UCLA announced Friday that Cody Riley and Jalen Hill -- two of the three Bruins players who were arrested in China before the season began for shoplifting -- will not play the remainder of the season. 

Riley and Hill, along with LiAngelo Ball, were originally suspended indefinitely for shoplifting and were not allowed to participate in team activities. Ball left the program earlier this month, however Hill and Riley will now be allowed to join the team for practices and team meetings beginning Dec 26.

"Since returning from China, they have done everything asked of them and continued to work hard in the classroom and in their own personal workouts," UCLA coach Steve Alford said in a statement. "I've told our players all along that actions have consequences, and the seasonlong suspension shows how seriously we take their misconduct. Though they will not suit up for games or travel with the team, I look forward to their return after the Christmas holiday. I am confident that they will make significant contributions to the university moving forward."

LiAngelo withdrew from UCLA to pursue a professional opportunity in Lithuania earlier this month before the suspension timeline was announced.

LiAngelo's outspoken father, LaVar, made clear he wasn't happy about the uncertainty surrounding his son's suspension timeline when he opted to withdraw him from the school.

"We got the NCAA holding back, where they're waiting 2 or 3 months to see if he can play or not," LaVar said on CNN. "That's one of the main reasons he went to UCLA is to play basketball. That's his passion. For them to prolong this and to go on and on, it's ridiculous to me."