The fallout from Clemson's disappointing 28-20 double-overtime loss at Miami has included plenty of criticism for the offensive side of the ball. The Tigers were unable to come up with the plays needed late to defend what had been a 10-point lead in the fourth quarter. 

One could point to several missed opportunities down the stretch, but it was the Tigers' final offensive play that stands out the most. Clemson faced fourth-and-goal from the 1-yard line on the second possession of double overtime. Quarterback Cade Klubnik faked a handoff and tried to beat the Miami defense around the edge. He was met almost immediately by Miami linebacker Corey Flagg Jr. and driven back 8 yards for the game-ending tackle. 

The fact that Klubnik chose to try to make a play himself rather than allow running back Will Shipley to try to move the pile forward for the 1 yard needed created plenty of confusion among Clemson fans. As it turns out, the play call was not an RPO (run-pass option), quarterback keeper, or zone read. Klubnik was supposed to hand it off to Shipley but chose to pull it himself. 

"No, it was a handoff, 100% and we didn't hand it off," Swinney told 247Sports after the game. "[Klubnik] just pulled it. I've got no answer. I mean, just trying to do too much."

Klubnik confirmed the play call to reporters after the game, noting that he was "just trying to make a play" and took full responsibility for the failed fourth down, noting that he would "hand it off 10 times out of 10" if he had the play back again. 

This is not the first time Clemson has struggled with offensive execution in key moments of close games. The Tigers also had a blown lead and overtime failures in the loss to Florida State earlier this season. Now at 4-3, Clemson faces a remaining schedule that still includes Notre Dame, North Carolina and South Carolina with little margin for error to reach bowl eligibility. For a program that has won seven of the last eight ACC Championships and was picked to do so again heading into the season, battling to make a bowl game is big drop-off.