Appliance Factory and Mattress Kingdom, an appliance and mattress store in Ohio, is running a promotion to reimburse customers if the Ohio State Buckeyes can shutout the Michigan Wolverines. Undefeated No. 1 ranked Ohio State will head to Michigan Stadium to play No. 13 ranked, 9-2 Michigan on Saturday. 

The rivalry is taken very seriously, and the store won't even use "M's" in their tweet -- like so many Buckeye faithful -- or in their name on Twitter, and instead inserted an "X" emoji.

Ohio State has shutout one team so far this season, beating the Cincinnati Bearcats 42-0, back in September. 

The last time the Buckeyes shutout the Wolverines was quite some time ago, all the way back n 1962 when No. 8 Ohio State beat No. 4 Michigan 28-0. Ohio State has not shut them out in Ann Arbor since 1955.

Sportsbooks are not offering odds on the likeliness of this happening, but that is not stopping Ohio State fains from flooding to the stores in the hopes of a deal of a lifetime. 

Store spokesperson John Higgins spoke to The Action Network and said that customers have already spent $500,000 at the stores and there is still over a day left of the promotion.

The company took out half a million dollars of insurance and says, "We will self-insure the rest."

The last major promotion like this that aligned with the sports world came from "Mattress Mack", who ran a promotion to refund to customers who spend $3,000 or more on a mattress if the Astros ended up being World Series champions. 

He lost $13 million in bets that he made to offset the hit he would have taken if the Astros had hoisted the trophy.