Nebraska coach Scott Frost confirmed to the Journal Star that two players, wide receiver Tyjon Lindsey and defensive lineman Dylan Owen, were hospitalized after one of the team's winter conditioning workouts

After being treated for rhabdomyolysis, both players were released from the hospital after a couple days have since returned to the team. 

"Anything that happens in this program is my responsibility. And I feel terrible about it," Frost said. "Hopefully we never have to go through this transition again, but we'll certainly learn from it. It's important people understand that player safety and well-being is our No. 1 priority. We certainly were concerned about this and we're really happy the players are in the clear now." 

Frost went to express support for Zach Duval, the team's strength and conditioning coach, and explained that there had been some prior concern regarding the impact of their usual conditioning program (Duval was at UCF  with Frost), so when students started complaining of rhabdo symptoms, they were immediately sent to the hospital. 

"I didn't know much about [rhabdomyolysis] until recently when I saw it happen at other places, and I figured that would never happen to us, as careful as we are, but unfortunately it did, and we take it very seriously," Frost said.

Rhabdomyolysis is a muscle injury that could become serious or life threatening because of its impact on kidney function.

Last year, three players were hospitalized with the condition at Oregon and 13 were treated for rhabdomyolysis at Iowa in 2011. The Ducks suspended strength coach Irele Oderinde without pay for one month but eventually reinstated him.