Even with the arrival of coach Jim Harbaugh, Michigan's rivalry with Ohio State has remained one-sided. The Buckeyes have won 13 of their last 14 games against the Wolverines, including Harbaugh's first three games in the series. 

Though former Michigan great Charles Woodson has guaranteed a victory over Ohio State in 2018, it's still the Buckeyes' place to talk some smack when the moment presents itself. Apparently, Ohio State coach Urban Meyer took an oh-so-subtle opportunity to do just that while presenting at a camp at Grand Valley State University -- an event that also featured Harbaugh as a speaker.

During his presentation to players in attendance, Meyer talked about what coaches at higher levels look for in players during the scouting process. One of the key items: how well they perform in big rivalry games. 

"I have no desire to watch a game when you beat the hell out of someone 40-0. I quit watching. I don't want to see that," Meyer said. "I want to see you in your rivalry game. I want to see you on fourth down. How do you perform on fourth down when the team needs you?" 

"How do you perform in that big game, man?" Meyer continued. "The big one. The one that matters. Not the third quarter, when you're up by four scores and watching highlight videos. We don't do that."

You can watch a more complete clip of Meyer's speech below ... 

For the record, Meyer is talking big-picture. He's telling recruits what he and many other coaches look for when they're scouting. It's advice that's as old as the game itself. How do players perform in big moments? Harbaugh would probably say the same thing (and might have at one point in the past). 

And hey, coaches speak at these camps all the time. It's not uncommon for two coaches at rival institutions to speak at the same camp. Nothing new there. 

Still, with Harbaugh right there, it's just a little bit too coincidental for Meyer, who was also sporting a national championship jacket, to be talking about rivalry success. All is fair in recruiting, after all.