ABC screen capture

Full disclosure: It is my firmly held belief that hot takes on the 2020 college football season are sort of inconsequential. Spring ball was largely canceled by the sudden COVID-19 surge throughout the country, and all preseason preparations in the aftermath were affected in some sort. Due to weekly testing and contact tracing, teams are sometimes lucky to even make it to kickoff. Everyone is just trying to get through this thing. 

As such, the on-field product through the first four or five weeks has been ... unpredictable. More so than usual. This manifests in many ways, from repeated special teams miscues to major upsets. But the overall lack of preparation also produced two of the most mind boggling interceptions I've seen in a good, long while.

And they happened only a couple of hours apart.

The first came from an unlikely source: Iowa State quarterback Brock Purdy. The general consensus on Purdy is that he's one of the Big 12's best quarterbacks. That said, Purdy made an egregious error in Saturday's game against TCU

Iowa State actually beat TCU, 37-34, and Purdy was decent with 211 yards passing and a touchdown. However, FOX play-by-play announcer Joe Davis spoke for literally everyone watching when he decried, "What is he doing?! What is Brock Purdy doing?!"

No one knows exactly. Again, Purdy's a good player, but he has to be better than that. 

On the other hand, I'm not sure Florida State is better than this trick play that led to a Jordan Travis interception against No. 12 Miami. Already down 21-3 early in the second quarter and without their coach Mike Norvell (absent due to COVID-19), the Seminoles were clearly trying to find something to provide a spark. Instead, the play fooled absolutely no one, got blown up from the start, and resulted in a Miami touchdown a few plays later. 

Outside of a few -- No. 1 Clemson and No. 2 Alabama, namely -- most teams have needed to shake off some rust early in the year. That's led to a lot of sloppy plays. Occasionally, like on Saturday, they have been high entertainment and hilariously bad.