Kick off spring with an upgraded listening experience thanks to this amazing Apple deal we spotted online. You can save $50 off the price of the upgraded Apple AirPods Pro 2 with the USB-C charging case. They're some of our favorite gym headphones.

But here's the catch: You can't get this deal directly from the Apple Store. These earbuds sell for $250 at Apple, but if you buy from Amazon or Walmart, you can score these bestselling headphones for just $199. Tap the button below to grab this deal right away, or read on to learn more about the recently upgraded Apple AirPods Pro 2.

$199 at Amazon

Save $50 on the new Apple AirPods Pro 2 with the USB-C charger


The Apple AirPods Pro 2 recently got an upgrade, swapping the standard lightning charger with a USB-C charging case. The new charging case can also plug into your new iPhone 15's USB-C charging base, so you can charge your AirPods in their case with your phone. They also got a durability upgrade, with an improved water- and dust-resistance rating of IP54. 

The earbuds feature an adaptive audio listening mode that selectively tunes out distracting noises while letting you remain aware of your surroundings. The new conversation detection feature can tell when you start having a conversation and automatically lower the volume and adjust noise cancellation settings on the earbuds, so you can hear the person you're talking to. 

Finally, the AirPods Pro 2 use machine learning to understand your volume preferences in different environments to automatically adjust the volume for you as you move from the gym to a busy street to a quiet office.

Get the premium earbuds for just $199 at Walmart and Amazon, reduced from $250.

$199 at Walmart

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