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Runners can be hard to shop for. After all, one of the key draws to the hobby is that it doesn't really require much gear. But there are still a few giftable options out there that are bound to make their next run easier, whether it's a fresh pair of running shoes to replace those beat-up trainers they've literally run into the ground or a pair of compression boots to improve their recovery when they're training for a marathon.

To help you find that perfect gift, we've rounded up some of our favorite running gear that the runner in your life is sure to appreciate this Christmas. 

Best gift for city runners: Shokz OpenRun Pro


Anyone who runs outdoors should still maintain some awareness of their surroundings just to be safe. That's even more important for runners who log their miles on busy streets. These bone conduction headphones are a great gift that will let runners enjoy their favorite music while keeping their ears open so they can still hear the cyclists coming up behind them or the car revving up to beat a yellow light.

The Shokz OpenRun Pro are the top of the line when it comes to bone conduction headphones and are priced at $180. If you like this gift idea but want a more budget-friendly price, we recommend the Panadia bone conduction headphones which are regularly priced at $55, but currently on sale for $30.

What we like about the Shokz OpenRun Pro:

  • Instead of transmitting sound waves through air like normal headphones, these headphones transmit them through your cheekbone directly to your ear drum.
  • Not only are they a safer option for runners, they're also more comfortable than having an earbud lodged in your ear and don't get as hot as over-ear headphones.
  • Two bass enhancers give you better bass quality compared to most bone conduction headphones.
$180 at Amazon

For the runner who just became a parent: B.O.B. Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller


For new parents, juggling work and a growing family is already a lot. So it's easy for running to fall by the wayside. With this B.O.B Gear jogging stroller, you can give them a gift that ensures they can still make time for their runs even with a newborn in tow.

At $439 (reduced from $550), this 4.8-star rated jogging stroller is definitely a premium gift. For a more budget-friendly option, try the Baby Trend Expedition Jogger. With over 17,700 5-star ratings on Amazon, it costs just $130 (reduced from $150).

What we like about the B.O.B. Gear Revolution Flex 3.0 Jogging Stroller:

  • Air-filled tires, a suspension system and a padded reclining seat ensure your newborn enjoys a smooth, comfortable ride even while mom or dad are running.
  • The lightweight frame and swivel locking front wheel make this easier to push and turn around tight corners without slowing down.
  • Six pockets and a cargo basket provide plenty of storage space for snacks, toys, diapers, water bottles and anything else you or your newborn might need during the run.
$439 at Amazon

For the runner from your fantasy football league: Nike Pegasus 40 NFL Edition


Buying shoes for a runner is risky because they can be pretty picky about what they run in. But this particular shoe is a less risky choice for two reasons. First, it's a Nike Pegasus, which might be the closest thing to a universally loved running shoe you'll find.

Second, this is Nike's NFL edition of the Pegasus 40. With 31 of the 32 teams represented -- sorry, Eagles fans -- you're almost guaranteed to find their favorite team's shoe. So even if the person you're getting these for doesn't run in them, they'll still love sporting their team colors on game days. This gift will run you $140 per pair.

What we like about the Nike Pegasus 40 NFL Edition:

  • They're a balanced, responsive shoe that has become the go-to daily trainer for many runners.
  • The versatile shoe is supportive enough for long-distance runs but lightweight and responsive enough to build up some speed when you need it.
  • The nearly complete collection of NFL team editions makes it easy to add a personal touch to this gift.
Shop the NFL Collection

For health-conscious, tech-minded runners: Apple Watch 9


Just launched this month, the Apple Watch 9 is the latest addition to the Apple ecosystem. The new Siri Health lets users navigate health and fitness features on their watch with voice commands. Instead of swiping the screen or pulling out your phone, you can just say "Hey Siri, start a yoga workout," or "Hey Siri, what's my step count?"

The latest generation smartwatch costs $390 on Amazon. But the launch also put the Apple Watch 8 on clearance, so if you're looking to save, you can get the Apple Watch 8 for $310 right now.

What we like about the Apple Watch 9:

  • Siri Health turns Siri into your built-in fitness trainer, letting you start or stop workouts, check your health stats, and more with voice commands on your watch. No Wi-Fi is required.
  • The improved dictation is up to 25% more accurate so you can reply to texts, email and more while you work out.
  • Apple gifts tend to offer a bit more "wow factor" when they're unwrapped, especially to fans of the iPhone. 
$390 at Amazon

For the runner forever chasing their next PR: Sole ST90 Treadmill


A sturdy, reliable treadmill is the perfect gift for serious runners -- or even the rare class of runners who prefer to run indoors. If you want to get them something that's guaranteed to be tough enough and versatile enough for intense, targeted training sessions, then you want to get them the Sole ST90.

With a max speed of 12.5 mph and 15 levels of incline, you can use this treadmill for both tempo runs and hill training. Then, switch to "Free Mode," which disengages the motor and turns this into a manual treadmill, allowing you to propel the belt yourself for a high intensity strength-building run.

You can save $1,000 right now while it's on sale for $3,000 (reduced from $4,000).

What we like about the Sole ST90 Treadmill:

  • The slat belt offers better traction and a lower impact workout for your joints.
  • 12.5 mph max speed makes this a bit faster than most standard home gym treadmills.
  • 15 levels of incline prepare you for scaling steep ascents during marathons or trail runs.
  • The powerful AC motor can handle even the most intense training schedules.
  • "Free Mode" lets you use this as a manual treadmill.
$3,000 at Amazon

4 best Christmas gifts for trail runners

These gifts will help the trail runners in your life stay safe, even when they're miles away from civilization.

For runners who are always exploring new trails: Garmin Instinct 2 Solar


It's easy to get turned around on a trail run, especially if it's a place you've never run before. That's why a reliable, durable GPS watch is an absolute must-have for any trail runner. The Garmin Instinct 2 Solar is one of the best smartwatches you can take on the trail.

The GPS watch connects to three global navigation satellite systems: GPS, GLONASS and Galileo so you'll be able to track your routes no matter how far off the beaten track you are. It also features TracBack routing so if you get turned around, your watch can guide you back to your starting point.

It even comes with advanced safety features like incident detection, which automatically detects an emergency during outdoor activities and sends a message to your emergency contacts with a LiveTrack link showing your real-time location so rescue can find you.

The rugged outdoor smartwatch costs $399 on Amazon.

What we like about the Garmin Instinct 2 Solar:

  • This solar edition comes with solar charging so as long as it's exposed to at least three hours of sunlight per day, the battery life is literally unlimited.
  • Powerful multi-satellite navigation and TracBack routing prevent you from getting lost even if you're deep in the wilderness.
  • Live tracking, incident detection and other advanced safety features ensure help can get to you as fast as possible even if you don't know where you are.
$399 at Amazon

For night runners: Melasa Night Light Beanie


Make sure the night runners in your life can see the trail ahead clearly with this knitted beanie that features a built-in LED headlamp. The beanie design makes this a more comfortable, natural accessory than a standard headlamp attached to a strap. And the LED light is easy to remove and plug into a charger after a run.

At $9 (reduced from $17), it's hard to beat the price on this Christmas gift. Use it as a stocking stuffer or as part of a bundle of fun and practical gifts for runners.

What we like about the Melasa Night Light Beanie:

  • The soft, knitted beanie is comfortable to wear while running.
  • The removable LED headlamp is rechargeable.
  • Choose from dozens of different colors to personalize this gift to the runner you're buying it for.
$9 at Amazon

For the long-distance trail runner: CamelBak Hydrobak


Staying hydrated is essential, but carrying a water bottle while running is annoying. Enter the CamelBack Hydroback. This lightweight pack holds up to 1.5 liters of water and fits securely to your back via breathable mesh straps and an adjustable chest buckle. It even comes with a handy straw so you don't have to pause your run to take a sip.

This is a great pick for trail runners who often need to carry more water than usual, and won't be around places to obtain fresh water during a run.

The 4.5-star rated hydration pack is on sale for $43 on Amazon (reduced from $60).

What we like about the CamelBak Hydrobak:

  • The 1.5-liter capacity is enough to cover 2-3 hour runs.
  • The slim, lightweight and adjustable design makes this a comfortable accessory that won't bounce around while running.
  • Extra zipper pockets provide storage for your phone, wallet and other essentials.
$43 at Amazon

For those who run in mud and gravel: Salomon Trail Gaiters


No matter how much they love hitting the trails, nobody loves getting pebbles and mud kicked up into their shoes. That usually comes with the territory if you're running on muddy or rocky trails.

That's why these protective Altra trail gaiters make such a smart and practical gift.

The stretchy gaiter wraps easily around the ankle and shoe with a sole strap that holds it in place. Once in place, they help keep mud, snow, pebbles and any other debris that you kick up on your run from landing inside your shoe. The 4.2-star rated gaiters are $35 on Amazon.

What we like about the Salomon Trail Gaiters:

  • The gaiters fit around any shoe thanks to a stretchy sole strap that holds it in place.
  • The adjustable wrap makes it easy to get a secure but comfortable fit.
  • The lightweight gaiter keeps debris out so you can avoid frequent stops to empty out mud and pebbles.
$35 at Amazon

4 best Christmas gifts for marathoners

These practical, fun and thoughtful gifts are perfect for both experienced and beginner marathon runners.

For runners who are always training for their next marathon: Coros Pace 3


Spotted on none other than Eliud Kipchoge's wrist at the 2023 Berlin Marathon, the Coros Pace 3 packs tons of advanced running metrics that both beginner and elite marathoners will love. 

But its standout feature is probably its navigation system. Not only can you map your run and get back-to-start navigation when you're ready to head home, but you'll also get deviation alerts when you stray from the route you're following.

You can get alerts when your pace, heart rate or other metrics go above or below your target during the run so you can adjust accordingly to get the best results. The advanced runner's smartwatch is $229 on Amazon.

What we like about the Coros Pace 3:

  • The battery lasts up to 38 hours with activity tracking and full GPS or 24 days with normal daily use.
  • The watch can track heart rate, VO2 Max, training load, threshold zones, recovery, fatigue and more key performance and health metrics.
  • Get access to training plans and workouts you can follow from your watch.
$229 at Amazon

For runners logging more than 30 miles per week: Hyperice Normatec 3


Whether they're on their first marathon or the tenth, training for a marathon will push your body to its limits. So a good pair of compression boots that massage those tired leg muscles is key to a healthy and complete recovery in between runs.  

Hyperice Normatec 3 uses seven compression levels and the brand's patented Pulse technology to deliver precise treatment.  Normatec 3 is lightweight and features Bluetooth connectivity that unlocks more features. Easy to use, simply zip up each boot, power up and relax.

What we like about the Hyperice Normatec 3:

  • 7 compression levels deliver customized pressure based on your needs
  • 5 overlapping zones can provide a full leg massage or targeted recovery
  • Minimal setup required so you can just zip up and turn them on
$799 at Amazon

For runners who never run without a soundtrack: Galaxy Buds Pro


For music-obsessed runners who want crisp, high-fidelity sound without wearing an over ear headphone, the Samsung Galaxy Buds Pro are the best bet. They feature a dual driver system with an 11mm woofer and 6.5mm tweeter in each bud. With separate drivers for the high and low frequency audio, you get less distortion and a more dynamic sound.

Plus, they have a waterproof rating of IPX7 so you don't have to worry about sweat damaging them. The premium earbuds have a 4.4-star rating on Amazon with over 18,100 reviews. And if you hurry, you can get them while they're on sale for just $144 (regularly $200).

What we like about the Galaxy Buds Pro:

  • 3 ear tips make it easy to get a custom, comfortable fit.
  • The IPX7 rated waterproof earbuds can handle sweat without a problem.
  • Get up to 8 hours playtime on a single charge and 28 hours total with the portable charging case.
$144 at Amazon

For the runner who's constantly losing their sunglasses: Goodr Sunglasses


These Goodr sunglasses were made by and for runners. They're lightweight and slip-resistant, so you can work up a sweat without them bouncing or sliding around your face. And as far as sun protection functionality, their polarized UV400 lenses block out harmful UV rays and reduce glare.

What we like about the Goodr Sunglasses:

  • Polarized lenses reduce glare.
  • UV400 is the highest UV protection rating, blocking nearly 100% of UV rays.
  • The lightweight, nonslip frame makes it feel like you aren't even wearing anything while you run.
$25 at Amazon

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