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Once a secret weapon of pro athletes, the word is out on compression recovery boots and their ability to reduce pain, decrease muscle fatigue and more. Superstars like LeBron James, Kevin Durant and Lindsey Vonn have all shared via social media their love of the latest recovery trend. Fitness enthusiasts have taken note and clicked "add to cart." 

If you're ready to go pro with your recovery game, you need reliable and powerful recovery tools that can get the job done. The best compression boots offer a variety of pressure settings and timed compression so you can adjust to your needs and then sit back while the boots massage your sore post-workout muscles. 

It's no surprise that many of the best compression boots come from the same brands that make our favorite massage guns, eye massagers and other recovery gear. The best part of all: you can use your tax-advantaged FSA/HSA account to buy them. So keep reading for our favorite compression boots of 2024.

LeBron's choice of recovery boots: Hyperice Normatec 3


In 2011, LeBron wanted to up his recovery in hopes of increasing his game (even further). His longtime trainer Mike Mancias turned him on to dual leg compression recovery boots, in particular the Hyperice Normatec 3.

James noted the gear, which the company made specifically for him, resulted in an increase in performance and flexibility after use.

Hyperice Normatec 3 uses seven compression levels and the brand's patented Pulse technology to deliver precise treatment.  Normatec 3 is lightweight and features Bluetooth connectivity that unlocks more features. Easy to use, simply zip up each boot, power up and relax. 

What we like about the Hyperice Normatec 3:

  • Seven compression levels deliver customized pressure based on your needs.
  • Five overlapping zones can provide a full leg massage or targeted recovery.
  • Minimal setup is required, so you can just zip up and turn them on.
$799 at Amazon

Best compression boots on a budget: Hyperice Normatec Go


If you like the Normatec 3, but can't swallow the price, try Hyperice Normatec Go. It uses the same science that powers all of Normatec's products, but carries a lower price tag of just $399. The compact sleeves are made specifically for your calves. They're TSA approved, so you can wear them on your flight to avoid the inflammation that sometimes comes with flying.

What we like about the Hyperice Normatec Go:

  • Its compact design is easy to travel with.
  • You can pair these with other Hyperice wearables for a synchronized massage.
  • The convenient, portable design has no hoses or separate controls to deal with.
$399 at Amazon

Best wireless recovery boots: Therabody Recovery Air Jet Boots


These battery-powered Therabody Recovery Air Jet Boots compression boots don't need to be plugged in. The integrated internal pumps are controlled by a one-touch panel, making this dual-leg recovery system particularly helpful for athletes of all levels on the go.

Therabody's Fast Flush technology inflates and deflates for a full cycle in just 60 seconds, using four-time intervals and four pressure settings. This creates a bespoke recovery regime that's specific to each user.

An industry leader in sports recovery, Therabody's compression boots are brought to you by the same minds behind best-selling recovery products like Theragun.

This set comes in three sizes, all priced at $799 on Amazon.

What we like about the Therabody Recovery Air Jet Boots: 

  • The fully wireless design has no hoses or separate controls.
  • A long battery life gives you multiple recovery massages out of a single charge.
  • Choose your own pressure settings or pick from four preset routines.
$799 at Amazon

Best customizable recovery boot: Therabody Recovery Air Pro


If you're looking for a fully customizable compression recovery boot, Therabody Recovery Air Pro is for you. These compression boots offer precise customization of timing, pressure settings and zones, all from either the included controller or the Therabody App on your phone. 

While it comes with a $1,299 price tag, the Recovery Air Pro adds a ton of features that you won't find on the Jet Boots above. That includes continuous adjustable time settings ranging from 10 minutes to 90 minutes, continuous adjustable pressure ranging from 20 mmHg to 100 mmHg, and zone control for targeted compression in specific areas. 

You can customize the pressure hold and release time to customize the cycles of inflation and deflation. Once you customize all of those details to your specific needs, you can save that recovery routine in the Therabody App. That way, next time you don't need to adjust each setting. Just tap the routine you want and you're ready to go. 

What we like about the Therabody Recovery Air Pro:

  • Adjust pressure, inflation cycles and time to create (and save) your own custom recovery routines.
  • Save unlimited custom routines on the Therabody App.
  • You can independently adjust pressure in different zones.
  • Internal chamber design makes these easy to clean.
$1,299 at Therabody

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What are compression recovery boots (and do I need them?)

Simply put, compression recovery boots are a type of recovery equipment that uses pneumatic compression (think inflatable boots with intermittent pressure) to apply pressure to legs to increase circulation, reduce swelling and increase blood flow. This helps with recovery and healing.

Who should use compression recovery boots?

Anyone from long distance runners to non-athletes trying to reduce swelling (and blood clots) in the legs can see some serious benefits from adding compression to their recovery. The intermittent (pneumatic) compression is found to work better for recovery than static pressure. Compression increases blood flow, which accelerates recovery.

How to choose between Normatec and Therabody

When it comes to compression recovery boots, Normatec and Therabody are the big names in the space. No surprise, they're also the most expensive. 

Compression Levels: While Therabody Air Jet Recovery Boots offer four compression levels, both Normatec 3 and Normatec Go offer seven levels of compression, as does Therabody Recovery Air Pro.

Sizing: Normatec Go's one-size-fits-all sizing (25" x 12" x 1") might not work for the tallest users. But Normatec 3, as well as Therabody's recovery boots all come in small, medium and large boot choices.

Wireless compression:  If you're looking to take your recovery on the road, NormaTec Go and Therabody Air Jet Recovery Boots are for you. Normatec Go isn't a full boot and offers fewer customizable options, but it is TSA-approved for use on airplanes.