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Whether you've returned to in-studio yoga classes or you're still Zoom'ing your yoga practice from a quiet corner of your home, you know that a consistent yoga practice offers both mental and physical recovery, while also lengthening and strengthening your body. One of the best things about practicing yoga (in addition to the dreamy calm haze that comes with shavasana) is that you don't need a lot of gear and equipment to calm down and stretch out.

Essential to any yoga practice, however, is the right pair of leggings. If you've ever tried to practice in leggings not made for yoga (especially a hot yoga or power yoga class) you quickly learned that not all leggings are created equal. And not all leggings are suitable for yoga.  

We're playing a serious game of favorites here by way of our favorite yoga leggings. Our top choices keep you from slipping and sliding, pass the downward-dog test (we'll explain, don't worry) and answer the always-present question: "Do I really need to spend big on yoga leggings?"

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The best yoga leggings in 2023

While look and style weigh heavily on any leggings choice, we want so much more from our yoga leggings. First and foremost is the fit and fabric. We want buttery soft fabric that won't get slick as our yoga practice heats up. Yoga leggings should give our limbs a nice hug without feeling tight or constraining and should feature inclusive sizing to fit all body types. 

We also look for yoga leggings that pass the downward-dog test. That means they won't appear sheer in the rear, revealing more than we intended, during yoga's bendier poses.

Our overall top pick: Lululemon Align High-Rise


In the highly saturated leggings market, many brands claim to make yoga leggings. But few actually make leggings specifically suited for yoga. 

 Lululemon lovers are evangelical about the brand's leggings, and with good reason. The fabric and fit are unparalleled, and a pair of Lululemon yoga leggings is durable, long-lasting and oh-so-flattering.

The brand has grown in popularity thanks to its flattering silhouette and the prestige of sporting leggings with a Lulu logo, but it's the fabric and fit that have turned naysayers into repeat customers.

We're big fans of many of Lululemon leggings, but our go-to is the Align Crop. Currently available in 18 colors, the buttery soft Nulu™️ fabric promises a weightless feel and it delivers just that. Offering just enough compression to give your body a light hug, these leggings feel like you're wearing nothing at all. And when your power yoga or hot yoga class heats up, Lululemon Align leggings keep you dry by wicking sweat away.

The Align Crop also features a flattering waistband option and a hidden back pocket, just big enough for a credit card or key, should you decide to hit the ground running before or after class.

Lululemon's vast color choices earn the yoga-fitness brand fans as well. While many legging brands offer neutrals and a color or two, the Align legging currently comes in 18 colors -- the Atomic Purple (pictured) and the Utility Blue are on our wish list.

Align leggings are available in a high-rise waistband with 23", 25" or 28" crop. They're also available in low-rise, ribbed and pocketed versions.

We'd be remiss if we didn't discuss cost: Lululemon Align leggings start at $98. Are they worth it? Absolutely.  They flatter every body type and make you feel like you're weightless doing yoga -- and they last at least 2 to 5 years if cared for properly.  

Key features of Lululemon Align leggings:

  • Sweat wicking fabric
  • Weightless feel
  • Durable
  • Vast color choices
  • High waist and low waist options
  • Hidden small pocket for key or credit card

Pros: Offered in sizing from 0 to 18, Lululemon Align leggings are flattering and the fabric can't be beat. You'll feel as great as you look in these leggings, which won't get slippery when you get sweaty.

Cons: $98 (minimum) for yoga leggings is an investment. We think they're worth it, but the steep price is a drawback to going all-in on Lululemon leggings.

from $98

When Lululemon is too pricey: CRZ Yoga Butterluxe Leggings at Amazon

There may be prestige in sporting a Lululemon logo, but not everyone can swing $98 or more. If you're looking for a more budget-friendly version of the Lululemon Align legging, try the CRZ YOGA Butterluxe High Waisted Lounge Legging, $36, which have the look and feel of the Align legging without the steeper price. 

Available on Amazon, this legging earns 4.7 stars from exuberant buyers, who call these "pretty close to Lululemon." Available in four lengths and even in a biker short version, these yoga leggings feature a drawstring closure at the waist and are made from 81% butterluxe fabric.

$36 at Amazon

Best leggings for inclusive sizing: Beyond Yoga Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging

Beyond Yoga

This female-founded brand was started with one goal in mind: Make women feel good in their bodies. Since then, Beyond Yoga has become one the most trusted brands in fitness apparel, known for its signature buttery soft fabric, with sizing from XXS to 4X.

We love not only the message, mission and inclusivity of Beyond Yoga, but also its soft, spacedye fabric. Our go-to Beyond Yoga legging is the Spacedye Caught In The Midi High Waisted Legging. Featuring six core neutral colors and more six seasonal bright colors, this legging has been sold more than three million times. That's no surprise. These leggiings are designed with no outside seams and feature subtle compression to create a flattering and comfortable silhouette. The soft fabric is moisture wicking, which means you can take your leggings for a spin before or after class.

Find Spacedye Caught in The Midi Leggings for $98 at Beyond Yoga

Key Features of Beyond Yoga leggings

  • No outseam
  • Soft moisture-wicking fabric
  • Designed to fit and flatter every size
  • 5" waistband sits at natural waist
  • Wide array of color choices
  • Light compression

Pros: Beyond Yoga's inclusive sizing means their leggings are not only available from XS to 4X, their leggings are meant to flatter all sizes, while many athleisure brands' sizing stops at size 12 or 14. Their leggings are soft and comfortable with no outseam, making them infinitely wearable long after class has ended. 

Cons: Like Lululemon, Beyond Yoga leggings aren't cheap. And because their non-neutral colors are seasonal, color choices are limited.

$97 at Beyond Yoga

Beyond Yoga alternative: ODODOS Tummy Control Leggings at Amazon

If you're looking for a Beyond Yoga alternative, possibly at a cheaper price, look no further than Ododos leggings on Amazon. Featuring sizing options from XS to XX-Large, Ododos leggings are offered in a large array of vibrant colors.  The high waist band ensures comfort in every pose and the four-way stretch fabric offers comfort and protection -- and even passes the downward-dog test.

$22 at Amazon

Best flare yoga leggings: The Girlfriend Collective Compressive Flare Legging

Girlfriend Collective

The Girlfriend Collective is an athleisure brand that uses recycled materials like water bottles. Their leggings also happen to be remarkably soft, comfortable, and they pass the downward-dog test. The brand offers sizing ranging from XXS to 6XL. Known for sweat-wicking, durable leggings, the Compression Flare legging is a recent (and welcome) arrival to the brand.

Made from 79% recycled plastic bottles and 21% spandex, the flare legging is designed for a snug fit that won't get too loose or flowy during workouts. That's particularly important in yoga, where loose clothing can prove a hinderance to the perfect pose.

Featuring a sturdy construction that turns first-time buyers into repeat customers, the Girlfriend Collective leggings are a go-to for yoga enthusiasts and cross trainers alike.

Available for $78 at the Girlfriend Collective

Top features of the Girlfriend Collective Compression Flare legging:

  • Designed to be fitted through the waist, hips and thigh, with a more relaxed fit starting at the knee
  • Small hidden pocket at back waistband for key or credit card storage

Pros:  We love the Girlfriend Collective's commitment to sustainability, with a great product to boot. With sizing up to 6XL, there's a fit here for everyone. And we can help but note Girlfriend Collective leggings, while not inexpensive, are priced lower than the competition.

Cons: Color options from Girlfriend Collective aren't so robust as Lululemon, but they've got you covered on neutrals.

$78 at Girflriend Collective

Best budget yoga legging: Colorfulkoala Yoga Pants at Amazon

Earning 4.5 stars on Amazon, Colorfulkoala offers a terrific alternative to higher-priced leggings that might not fit all budgets. These leggings feature four-way stretch and a slightly brushed soft fabric. They feature a high waist while also offering just enough support to stay comfortable. These pocketed leggings earn high marks from verified buyers.

$25 at Amazon

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