Just like every other weekend, I'm going to rank the two-start pitchers for the upcoming scoring period, grouping them by how advisable they are (or aren't). But this weekend isn't like every other weekend. It's trade deadline weekend, with the final alarm sounding Tuesday at 6 p.m. ET, so it stands to reason that much of what I reveal here isn't going to hold true for Fantasy Week 19 (July 31-Aug. 6).

It's disappointing in part because Week 19 looks like the most fertile week of all for two-start pitchers, with more than three-quarters residing above the No Thanks tier. But alas, you don't want to depend too much on any pitcher's two-start status because there's no telling if it'll actually hold true. This list has been updated as of Sunday evening, but rest assured, moves will continue to happen beyond the lineup lock.