Projections can be a useful tool when used right, but there are issues with boiling down all the factors that influence a player's expectation into a single number. 

That can be especially true at running back, where workload is key. Since projections typically assume reasonable health, high-upside backups are frequently projected for workloads that represent their worst-case scenario. 

By comparison, pass-catching backs with defined roles will often be projected at a spot where they don't have a ton of upside, if they aren't the type of back who would likely assume more carries should an injury occur. 

Because projections are inexact, a good way to look at them is in tiers, grouping together the players that came out with Fantasy point totals within the same ballpark. Below are Heath Cummings' and Ben Gretch's projections tiers for running backs for both PPR and non-PPR scoring systems.   

It's important to remember these aren't Draft ranks, just projections of the most likely scenario. Make sure to factor in upside and downside, plus injury risk, before making any Draft Day decisions. You can always check out our full rankings on the Draft Prep page.

Heath Cummings' PPR RB projection tiers

340-plus points280-290 points255-270 points225-235 points
Saquon BarkleyLe'Veon BellJoe MixonTodd Gurley
Alvin KamaraJames ConnerDavid JohnsonDevonta Freeman
Christian McCaffrey 
Nick Chubb 
Ezekiel Elliott 
Kerryon Johnson 
Leonard Fournette  
Dalvin Cook 
210-225 points195-205 points185-195 points155-180 points
Chris CarsonJosh JacobsJames WhiteMelvin Gordon
Damien WilliamsKenyan DrakeDavid MontgomeryLatavius Murray
Tevin ColemanMark IngramDion LewisLeSean McCoy
Aaron JonesTarik CohenMarlon MackRashaad Penny
Duke Johnson 
Sony MichelMiles Sanders
Austin EkelerPeyton Barber
Kalen Ballage
Chris Thompson
130-155 points80-115 points 
Derrius GuiceIto Smith 
Jalen RichardJordan Howard 
Royce FreemanDevin Singletary 
Matt BreidaJustice Hill 
Darwin ThompsonAlexander Mattison  
Ronald JonesTony Pollard 
Justin JacksonJaylen Samuels 
Darrell HendersonGiovani Bernard 
Nyheim HinesC.J. Anderson 
Jamaal Williams 
Ty Montgomery 
Kareem Hunt 

Heath Cummings' non-PPR RB projection tiers

275-plus points250-255 points220-230 points
Saquon BarkleyChristian McCaffreyNick Chubb
Alvin Kamara 
James Conner
Ezekiel Elliott 
Joe Mixon
200-215 points180-190 points165-180 points
Le'Veon BellChris CarsonTevin Coleman
Leonard FournetteDevonta FreemanDerrick Henry
Dalvin CookAaron JonesMark Ingram
Kerryon Johnson 
Sony Michel
David Johnson 
Marlon Mack
Todd Gurley 
Josh Jacobs
Phillip Lindsay
Damien Williams
145-160 points125-140 points85-120 points
David MontgomeryAustin EkelerMatt Breida
Duke JohnsonKalen BallageDarwin Thompson
Kenyan DrakeDion LewisJustin Jackson
Latavius MurrayMiles SandersJordan Howard
Melvin GordonRoyce FreemanRonald Jones
Derrius GuiceDarrell Henderson
Tarik CohenChris Thompson
Rashaad PennyAlexander Mattison
LeSean McCoyJalen Richard
Peyton BarberDevin Singletary
James WhiteC.J. Anderson
Ito Smith
Justice Hill

Ben Gretch's PPR RB projection tiers

340-plus points330-335 points290-295 points275-280 points
Christian McCaffreyAlvin KamaraEzekiel ElliottDavid Johnson
Saquon Barkley 
James Conner
240-255 points210-230 points180-200 points165-175 points
Dalvin CookTodd GurleyJames WhiteMelvin Gordon
Joe MixonAaron JonesDuke JohnsonChris Carson
Leonard FournetteDevonta FreemanMarlon MackTevin Coleman
Damien WilliamsJosh JacobsDerrick HenryKenyan Drake
Kerryon Johnson 
Tarik CohenPhillip Lindsay
Le'Veon Bell 
Nick Chubb 
150-165 points135-150 points105-130 points80-105 points
David MontgomeryRonald JonesKalen BallageJustin Jackson
Austin EkelerRashaad PennyRoyce FreemanPeyton Barber
Sony MichelDion LewisJaylen SamuelsGiovani Bernard
Darrell HendersonChris ThompsonNyheim HinesJustice Hill
Jalen RichardLeSean McCoyIto SmithDarwin Thompson
Mark IngramDerrius GuiceTony PollardRex Burkhead
Latavius Murray
Ty MontgomeryJordan Howard
Miles Sanders 
C.J. AndersonJamaal Williams
Matt Breida 
Adrian Peterson
Damien Harris
Alexander Mattison
Devin Singletary
Dontrell Hilliard

Ben Gretch's non-PPR RB projection tiers

245-plus points235-240 points215-225 points205-210 points
Saquon BarkleyEzekiel ElliottJames ConnerNick Chubb
Christian McCaffrey 
David JohnsonJoe Mixon
Alvin Kamara 
Dalvin Cook
190-200 points165-180 points135-150 points125-140 points
Leonard FournetteDevonta FreemanDuke JohnsonDavid Montgomery
Damien WilliamsJosh JacobsSony MichelMark Ingram
Kerryon JohnsonDerrick HenryChris CarsonPhillip Lindsay
Todd GurleyMarlon MackMelvin GordonJames White
Le'Veon Bell 
Tevin ColemanKenyan Drake
Aaron Jones 
Latavius Murray
Austin Ekeler
115-125 points95-105 points80-90 points70-80 points
Tarik CohenLeSean McCoyC.J. AndersonNyheim Hines
Ronald JonesKalen BallagePeyton BarberAdrian Peterson
Darrell HendersonDion LewisJordan HowardJustin Jackson
Rashaad PennyJalen RichardChris ThompsonAlexander Mattison
Miles SandersIto SmithJaylen SamuelsJustice Hill
Matt Breida 
Ty MontgomeryDarwin Thompson
Derrius Guice 
Tony PollardJamaal Williams
Royce Freeman 
Damien Harris