As we head into the offseason, you'll notice a general uncertainty about the long-term prospects of the quarterback position for Dynasty Fantasy Football leagues. By my count, there are a dozen teams with legitimate questions about who their starting quarterback will be in 2021, and many of them are Fantasy relevant situations and players.  

In my updated Dynasty rankings below, the highest-ranked player with such questions is Jalen Hurts. He's ranked closer to where he'd be if he was named the starter, but he could drop 10 spots if the Eagles decide to go back to Carson Wentz next year. Wentz was one of the biggest fallers of 2020, but a good offseason could have him back inside the top-20, if not higher. 

The Saints are another team we expect to have a Fantasy-viable starter, but we have no reasonable idea who that will be. If Drew Brees wants to come back, he's a borderline top-12 option in redraft leagues even if his age would keep him out of the top-20 in Dynasty. Taysom Hill could jump into the top-15 in both if Brees retires and Hill re-signs, but he'll be 30 himself and the Saints are still mentioning Jameis Winston as a possible post-Brees option.

Matt Ryan and Matthew Stafford are a pair of veterans who will probably be starting, but it's unclear where that will be. We'll probably have to wait until their teams have answered their general manager and coach questions before we get an answer on their futures. 

Any of the quarterbacks above are good speculative options for 2021, but none can be considered guaranteed starters. That's why in Dynasty it's much more important to carry multiple quarterbacks than it is in re-draft. 

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Here are my updated Dynasty quarterback rankings, expect another update after the Super Bowl: