Bubba Watson gets plenty of negative publicity. The left-handed bomber is an easy social media target -- and deservedly so sometimes -- but he also seems like he wants to do what's right. Watson tweeted some insane videos of the flooding in West Virginia a few weeks ago just before the Greenbrier Classic (which he was slated to play in) was canceled.

Watson pledged $250,000 to help out earlier this week as over 20 people have died in West Virginia from the flooding.

"Me and my wife, we'll end up donating some money," said Watson at the Bridgestone Invitational. "We've guaranteed ourselves we're going to give $250,000 ourselves to local organizations. The churches, we're reaching out because the churches are the community, and they know the families that are in need.

"My church in Pensacola, First Baptist of Pensacola, the little study group that we're with, a small group, reached out to us, so we're searching out 10 families that they can help. Just the destruction there was unbelievable. My wife, I was just on the phone with her and she said there were some women that were going to have babies within the next month or so, and [West Virginia businessman] Jim [Justice] opened the hotel up to let them stay there and he's letting some other people stay there that have nothing. It's very devastating, but it grows a community together. White Sulphur Springs is where the Greenbrier is, so it's been wild. It's been wild, and just shows how blessed and lucky we are that stuff can be taken away that fast."

Watson was literally boots on the ground for a few days in West Virginia last week as he used his vehicles to help folks who were in need.

"I have two vehicles there that can make it through junk," said Watson. "I have a big ol' truck and I have a brand new Jeep that has been lifted. It's pretty powerful. So I took the Jeep out, went through all the mud and water and everything and made it to the hotel and drove around the different golf courses. There's four golf courses there, and just looked at the devastation, looked at some of the stuff.

"It's just stuff that we get blinded sometimes of how lucky we are. I get mad at a three-putt. So it just hit home, the way I want to live my life and try to live my life."

Good stuff from Watson as he helps pitch in with a devastating situation.

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