AUGUSTA, Ga. -- Tiger Woods is battling a field of 86 of the best golfers in the world, a torrential downpour from Mother Nature and now ... the security detail at Augusta National. After Woods yanked his drive on the 14th hole, he had a small window to hit through to try and reach the green in two. The patrons had been bumped back along the rope but were still fairly close to where Woods stood for his second shot. Because of their proximity, and because they were closing in around Tiger, a heroic security guard came blazing onto the scene just after Woods connected with his second shot -- a beauty.

But that security guard, well, he came in a little bit too hot and slid on the rain-soaked ground right into the ankle of the greatest golfer of all time. Woods limped away and winced while flexing his ankle for the next few seconds but appears to be all right.

Despite all the histrionics, Woods landed that impossible second shot on the 14th green and made the long birdie putt to get to 3 under on the day and 5 under on the week, within two of the 7-under lead. It was his third long birdie putt of the day.

I'm guessing the security officer will be placed in a different position on Saturday and Sunday.