Veteran New York Yankees lefty CC Sabathia apparently doesn't think much of the Red Sox reaching base via the bunt.

Boston infielder Eduardo Nunez dropped a bunt against Sabathia in the first inning Thursday night at Yankee Stadium, reaching base when Sabathia's throw pulled Greg Bird off the first base bag. Sabathia has long had right knee trouble -- he wears a clunky brace on it while pitching -- and the Red Sox have been testing him with bunts all season.

Sabathia yelled something at Nunez and into the Boston dugout after escaping the first inning jam Thursday, then, after the game, he called the Red Sox "weak" for the bunts.

Weirdly enough, Nunez said he apologized to Sabathia -- the two were teammates with the Yankees from 2010-13 -- though it was kind of a non-apology apology.

Just to show you how silly this all is: Indians ace Corey Kluber was reportedly upset Nunez took too aggressive of a swing last week, and hit him with a pitch. So, in the span of a week, Nunez angered pitchers by taking a big hack and by laying down a bunt. Baseball can be so stupid sometimes.

Clearly, the Red Sox have every right to bunt against Sabathia. If he's healthy enough to pitch, he's healthy enough to be bunted against. He might not like it -- and that's his right -- but it's not wrong.

The Yankees won the game (NYY 6, BOS 2), with Sabathia working six innings for the victory. This is the final series between these teams this season, so it is New York's last best chance to make up a lot of ground in the AL East race in a short amount of time. New York is 4 1/2 games back following Thursday's win.