Philadelphia Phillies outfielder Bryce Harper has been hot lately. He entered Sunday hitting .254/.365/.635 with eight home runs since the beginning of August. Understandably, there was much concern when he was removed during Sunday's contest for reasons unknown. As it turns out, Harper wasn't injured -- nor had his wife, Kayla, gone into labor as originally speculated. 

Rather, Harper was simply dehydrated, to the extent that his vision was impacted. After the game, he called the incident "weird" but said that he's fine now after receiving an IV:

Say what you will about Harper's season as a whole -- and he came into play on Sunday with a 120 OPS+ on the season -- but he's been a fixture in the Philadelphia lineup. He's appeared in all 123 of the Phillies' games, and has started every contest since July 24. In fact, Harper has started all but two of Philadelphia's games this season.

To be clear, this isn't to say Harper's constant presence in the lineup caused his dehydration or anything of the sort -- just that he's shown a willingness to play through whatever, whenever. 

The Phillies ended up losing on Sunday, by the way, dropping a 3-2 contest (and therefore the series) versus the San Diego Padres