Angel Hernandez ejected three members of the Royals on Wednesday following a balk call in the sixth inning. The ejections, which came at the hands of MLB's most controversial umpire, included manager Mike Matheny, pitching coach Cal Eldred and starting pitcher Brady Singer.

Eldred and Matheny both received their ejections after the balk was called on an attempted pick-off at second base. Both coaches came out of the dugout heated and were sent to the showers expeditiously, though it's worth noting that Matheny was trying to hold back Eldred from closer confrontation.

Singer was then tossed one batter later when acting manager Pedro Grifol headed to the mound to remove the pitcher. On his way off the field, Singer began jawing at Hernandez o

The three ejections come in the wake of a Hernandez missed call from Tuesday's game between both teams in which the ump afterwards told a reporter he "basically guessed" on it.

Beyond the context of Hernandez's botched call from Monday, this whole situation also stemmed from frustration regarding the game at hand. A few batters before the ejections began, there was some controversy over whether a pitch from Singer hit the bat of Cleveland's Jose Ramírez instead of his hand, which was the call on the field.

Replay review proved to be inconclusive for Hernandez and his crew, so it remained, despite the initial protests from Singer and his catcher, Salvador Perez.

Ramírez then scored after Singer gave up a double. With runners on first and second, the pitcher then gave up the balk that set everything off.

"I'm out there fighting for the team," Singer said after the game. "It's a big game. We're trying to get back in the series. And you've got that stuff going on. I'm fighting for the guys. I'm trying to get the win. You've got other factors into the game. It sucks. I'm busting like hell to try to win the game and stuff like that happens. Kinda how it is. I guess."