The Giants got together with the Padres on Saturday night (SF-SD GameTracker) with the former's wild card hopes and very slim NL West chances hanging in the balance. That is to say, the time for maximum effort is upon is.

This lesson was demonstrably not lost on Giants third baseman Eduardo Nunez, who in the third inning surveyed both a Carlos Asuaje foul pop and the San Diego gloaming having its way with catcher and mess-mate Buster Posey. Thereupon, Mr. Nunez swiftly damned all available torpedoes and saw to business.

Please witness via the magic of technicolor motion picture processes ...

Excelsior! Out, made. Day, saved, probably.

If you're wondering where all the hustle went, then you probably need to talk to Eduardo Nunez. He took it, you see. He took and used it all up.