Sorry to disappoint you Rudy Gobert, but Draymond Green doesn't agree with your assessment that you are the best center in the league. According to Warriors all-around star, that honor solely belongs to DeMarcus Cousins of the Sacramento Kings.

Speaking with reporters after the Warriors beat the Kings 117-106 on Sunday, Green waxed poetically about Cousins, claiming that hands down, there isn't a better center in the league.

"He's incredible. He can score the ball." Green said. "I think DeMarcus is the best center in the game. I think a lot of times, people try to -- a lot of times, people don't give him that credit. And a part of it is they try to downplay his status because of his reputation or getting technical fouls or things like that. He is the best big man in the game, hands down."

"And it's always interesting to watch, interesting to play against, interesting to play with." Green continued. "Because he's so incredibly talented. He's skilled. He can shoot the 3 now. Over the last couple years, he's added that to his game. He's always really had the mid-range. He's taking guys off the dribble, he's pushing to full-court, getting to the hole, getting and-ones, just going to the post. I mean, he's dominant, and he's an incredible player. And he continues to get better year-in and year-out, regardless of what credit people try to take take from him or try not to necessarily give him.

"He's the best five. He's the best center in the game, the best big man in the game, period."

That's quite the vote of confidence for Cousins by Green and there is a valid argument for his line of thinking as well. Cousins has expanded his game and can shoot the 3-ball at 37.2 percent. Plus, he is averaging monster numbers: 28.1 points, 9.9 rebounds, 3.9 assists, 1.4 steals and 1.4 blocks in 35.6 minutes a game.

Of course, Green may feel this way about Cousins because they just spent a whole summer together winning a gold medal with USA Basketball at the 2016 Summer Olympics in Rio. The two definitely developed a bit of a friendship there, and Green is showcasing that with his lofty praise for Cousins.

However, is Cousins truly the best big man in the game "hands down" as Green says?

Gobert should be part of the conversation and so should Anthony Davis and Marc Gasol. Karl-Anthony Towns may also be mentioned during this debate. But no matter what you think, Green seems extremely loyal to Cousins and you would be hard-pressed to tell him otherwise.