No one would be surprised if the Philadelphia Eagles target at least one wide receiver early in the 2020 NFL Draft. And no one should be surprised if Eagles general manager Howie Roseman explores a trade to do so; in all but three of Roseman's nine drafts atop the team's personnel department, Philly has moved out of its original pick, and often to jump up, not back.

This year could be different since Roseman already dealt two picks -- a third- and fifth-rounder -- to the Detroit Lions as part of the deal to acquire Pro Bowl cornerback Darius Slay. But after staying completely out of the free agent market at WR, who's to say Howie won't go all in on draft day to give Carson Wentz one of the top three or four prospects available?

As we wait to find out, here are five logical ways the Eagles could move up to get one of this year's premier pass catchers:

Note: All trades were formulated using approximate pick values from every single draft-day trade of the last five years.

Trade possibility No. 1

Eagles get: 2020 first (No. 10)

Browns get: 2020 first (No. 21), 2020 second (No. 53), 2020 fourth (No. 127), 2021 sixth

This would certainly qualify as going all in. Cleveland has every reason to hold tight at No. 10 and get Baker Mayfield a surefire left tackle (or capitalize on the board and get a star defender like Isaiah Simmons), but new Browns GM Andrew Berry would surely take a phone call from his old boss. In this scenario, Berry nets Cleveland two more top-130 picks and ensures he can address not only offensive tackle but linebacker and/or receiver in the first two rounds. The Eagles, meanwhile, get their pick of the litter at WR, where Jerry Jeudy, CeeDee Lamb and Henry Ruggs should all be available -- albeit at the price of whittling their 2020 draft haul to six picks.

Trade possibility No. 2

Eagles get: 2020 first (No. 11)

Jets get: 2020 first (No. 21), 2020 second (No. 53), 2021 conditional fifth, WR Alshon Jeffery

Like Berry, Jets GM Joe Douglas is an old friend who'd likely perk up at the chance to increase draft capital for his rebuild. In this trade, he gets an extra top-55 pick (and thus can get both OT and WR help early), as well as immediate Sam Darnold help in Jeffery. The latter is aging and banged up, but he's got a great history with both Douglas and Adam Gase from Chicago and can be cut after 2020 for a savings of about $8 million. On the Eagles' side, Roseman would likely still get his WR of choice (Jeudy, Lamb or Ruggs) while also unloading Jeffery's deal. We'll say the 2021 conditional fifth is returned to the Eagles if Jeffery plays at least 13 games for New York in 2020, allowing Philly to get at least something in return for the wideout.

Trade possibility No. 3

Eagles get: 2020 first (No. 12), 2020 fourth (No. 121)

Raiders get: 2020 first (No. 21), 2020 second (No. 53), 2020 fourth (No. 145), CB Rasul Douglas

The Raiders may very well want their own premier WR at No. 12, but here, they ensure they still have two firsts while adding a second and a long, physical corner in Douglas -- a guy that GM Mike Mayock talked up coming out of West Virginia and would give the Raiders immediate insurance/competition. The Eagles, meanwhile, would almost certainly still get dibs on one of the top three WR prospects, not to mention move up in the fourth by unloading a CB buried on their depth chart.

Trade possibility No. 4

Eagles get: 2020 first (No. 15)

Broncos get: 2020 first (No. 21), 2020 fourth (No. 127), 2021 third

By No. 15, Jeudy, Lamb and Ruggs could easily all be off the board. But let's say Ruggs slips and/or Justin Jefferson is still around, with the Cowboys (No. 17) and Raiders (No. 19) lurking around the corner. In this scenario, notorious draft-day dealer John Elway does what he loves to do and moves down in order to collect another mid-rounder and a likely top-85 pick for 2021, whereas the Eagles ensure they get a legitimate crack at one of the top four WR prospects.

Trade possibility No. 5

Eagles get: 2020 first (No. 18)

Dolphins get: 2020 first (No. 21), 2020 fourth (No. 127), 2020 fourth (No. 146)

This close to the Eagles' original pick, it's a sure bet only Jefferson or other potential first-round WR talents -- Denzel Mims, Brandon Aiyuk, etc. -- will possibly be around for the taking. But with the Raiders (No. 19) up next and the Vikings (No. 22), Patriots (No. 23), Ravens (No. 28), Packers (No. 30), 49ers (No. 31) all candidates to move up for WR help, Roseman might still be inclined to be bold. Here, Miami slides back and retains three firsts while adding a pair of mid-rounders for its rebuild.