After 'underdog' parade speech, Eagles' Jason Kelce pumps up the Phillies for 2018

If you thought Jason Kelce was only going to deliver one epic speech to the city of Philadelphia, you were mistaken.

Weeks after his five-minute tirade at the Eagles' Super Bowl championship parade, the Pro Bowl center visited the town's baseball team, the Phillies, and he apparently brought a little bit of that "underdog" fire when he did it.

Invited by new Phils manager Gabe Kapler to speak to the team during spring training, Kelce delivered a "tremendous" speech, as NBC Sports Philadelphia documented, all while donning a custom No. 62 Phillies jersey and hat:

"I think there were eight to 10 takeaways and a lot of them have to do with it's OK to fall down, be fearless, get back up, be bold and do it all over again ... We feel like we're in a partnership with the city, the fans and certainly the teams," Kapler said. "You saw it today with Jason. He was part of our family."

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It remains to be seen, however, whether Kelce tore into the Phillies' critics like he did for the Eagles in celebrating the Birds' defying championship.

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