Just 11 days after signing with the New England Patriots, Antonio Brown has already been released by the team. 

The Patriots decided to cut the receiver on Friday, less than 24 hours after Brown was accused of sending intimidating text messages to a woman who had accused him of sexual misconduct in a Sports Illustrated story that was published earlier this week

Although Brown had an ugly breakup with both the Steelers and Raiders earlier this year, the same can't be said for his final day with the Patriots. Instead of ripping the team -- like he did with Pittsburgh and Oakland -- Brown took to social media and thanked the Patriots, even though he was with the team for less than two weeks.

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The receiver sent out multiple tweets and posted multiple photos to Instagram in the hour after he was officially released, with most of them directed at the Patriots. 

The first reaction from Brown came just minutes before the team actually announced his release and he thanked the Patriots for signing him. 

After thanking the Patriots, Brown seemed to take a subtle shot at people who are trying to "destroy" him. 

Although it's not clear who exactly Brown was referring to in that tweet, it definitely wasn't the Patriots, because he then sent out another tweet thanking the Patriots 

This time, he included photos of both Bill Belichick and Tom Brady

After that, Brown tweeted out a picture that came from the Patriots 43-0 win over the Dolphins on Sunday. 

In the photo, Brown is scoring the first and only touchdown he ended up scoring in New England. 

Brown clearly isn't too attached to the football in that photo, because it appears that he's decided that he's going to give the ball away. 

The receiver posted a photo of the ball on Instagram with the following caption, "One lucky fan can win this comment below."

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One lucky fan can win this comment below

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After posting a picture of his football, Brown sent out two more tweets. 

After sending out all of those tweets, the reality of being cut finally hit Brown. 

Brown's agent, Drew Rosenhaus, has indicated that the receiver still plans on playing in the NFL, and those final two tweets seem to be proof that Brown definitely still wants to play. Before that can happen though, the 31-year-old will likely have to wait for the NFL to complete its investigation into the multiple sexual assault accusations that he's currently facing