Former Kansas City running back Kareem Hunt has been out of a job since being cut by the Chiefs on Dec. 1, but don't be surprised if he ends up signing somewhere else this offseason and definitely don't be surprised if that somewhere else ends up being Chicago. 

During a press conference on Monday, Bears coach Matt Nagy and general manager Ryan Pace were both asked about the possibility of adding Hunt and the idea wasn't exactly dismissed by either man. 

"I was raised ... to give guys second chances, not third chances," Nagy said, via

Although Pace stressed that the team hasn't really thought about it, he didn't shoot the idea down. 

"We're not even there yet," Pace said. "I mean, I know what he is as a player obviously from watching. Matt knows more about him as a person. We're not even close to that point."

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The reason Hunt would potentially make sense in Chicago is because he has a history with Nagy. During his rookie year with the Chiefs in 2017, Hunt led the NFL rushing with 1,327 yards and a big reason for that was because Nagy was his offensive coordinator. Although Nagy is now the head coach of the Bears, he still communicates with Hunt and has actually talked to him somewhat recently.  

"I talked to Kareem, completely wanting to know how he's doing," Nagy said. "We had a good conversation. Here's a kid that I spent a year coaching on offense. It's a tough situation. I wanted to see ... making sure that he's OK but understanding, too, the situation that happened is unfortunate for everybody. He knows that."

Nagy isn't the only person talking to Hunt. CBS Sports NFL Insider Jason La Canfora reported in mid-December that multiple teams are keeping in contact with him. Hunt was released by the Chiefs in December after TMZ released a video that showed him shoving and kicking a woman during a February incident at a hotel in Cleveland. The NFL responded to the video by placing to Hunt on the commissioner's exempt list, which made him ineligible to play for the rest of the 2018 season. The league also announced that it would continue to investigate the incident, which means Hunt could still face punishment from the league that would be enforced for the 2019 season. 

Of course, Nagy doesn't seem to be too worried about what kind of punishment Hunt might be given, because he's more worried about Hunt the person. 

"The only thing I cared about when I talked to him was literally his personal life, how he's doing. It was a good conversation," Nagy said. "He sounded good. But that's it. The other stuff, that's not where it's at. There's more to it than the football, so we talked strictly on that."

Nagy also said that the one year he spent with Hunt in Kansas City was a pleasant experience. 

"I had a really good experience with him," Nagy said. "On the football field, you can see what he does... As far as the person, with me and coaching him and all that stuff, there were no issues at all. He was a really, really good kid. He came to work every day. He wasn't late to meetings, any of that. So it was obviously a surprise. It's an unfortunate situation for everybody. We all understand it. It's a learning lesson for everybody."

Although Hunt only played in 11 games for the Chiefs in 2018, he was still able to total 824 yards on the ground, which ended up ranking 20th overall in the NFL.