For the past two decades, there's only been one dynasty in the NFL, and that's the New England Patriots. However, after 20 years of terrorizing the league, it's starting to look like the Patriots dynasty is coming to an end, which means the door is potentially opening for another team to take over. 

One team that could certainly end up becoming the league's next dynasty is the Kansas City Chiefs, and that's mainly because they have Patrick Mahomes under contract for at least the next 12 seasons after the quarterback agreed to a 10-year extension this week that's worth up to $503 million.   

Although Mahomes is a solid foundation for building a dynasty, it's going to take a little bit more than that, and one player on the Chiefs roster knows exactly what the team needs to do to become a dynasty. During an interview with ESPN this week, Chiefs wide receiver Sammy Watkins listed the two things that have to happen for his team to become the NFL's next dynasty. 

The first one: The Chiefs have to figure out how to keep everyone. 

"[Mahomes] is going to be the man for the next 10 to 15 years ... We're going to have a dynasty," Watkins said. "If the Kansas City Chiefs can keep all the players together, we're going to be a dynasty."

Apparently, Chiefs general manager Brett Veach feels the same way as Watkins, because he's done everything in his power to keep the team's roster in intact. Going into 2020, the Chiefs will be returning 20 of 22 starters from the team that won the Super Bowl. The only two starters not returning to defend the team's title are offensive lineman Stefen Wisniewski (who signed with the Steelers) and linebacker Reggie Ragland (who is now in Detroit).

Not only are the Chiefs returning nearly ever starter, but they also have offensive coordinator/head coaching candidate Eric Bienemy returning for at least one more year (The Chiefs could end up losing Chris Jones, who has threatened to sit out the season, but for now, we're going to assume he's returning). 

Ironically enough, Watkins was actually one player who almost didn't return for the upcoming season. The receiver had to agree to a restructured contract before the Chiefs would commit to bringing him back. 

As for that dynasty, Watkins also mentioned one other thing the Chiefs need to do to get things kickstarted. 

"We need a top 10 defense, we don't need an outstanding defense, we need a top 10 defense that's going to make plays and go out there and compete," Watkins said. "But when you got Patrick Mahomes and the things around and the ability that he has around him, he's going to be great."

Basically, Watkins knows that even though Mahomes can do a lot, he can't do it all. Although the Chiefs defense arguably cost the team a shot at the Super Bowl in 2018, the unit did rebound in 2019. Last season, Kansas City gave up the seventh fewest points in the NFL, which was a monstrous improvement over 2018, when the defense gave up the 24th most points. 

According to Watkins, if the Chiefs can field a top 10 defense, then Mahomes can do the rest. 

"Our defense is great, we do great on defense" Watkins said. "We talking about the offense that's been the best in the league for last freaking three or four years. You're talking about a guy that's been playing at the highest level and doing just about every insanely thing a quarterback can do."

Watkins isn't the only one who's hoping to see the Chiefs turn into a dynasty. After signing his record-setting deal on Monday, Mahomes tweeted out a video that ended with four words: We're chasing a dynasty.