Colin Kaepernick will hold a private workout in Atlanta that was orchestrated by the NFL front office, but the details surrounding it have been sketchy over the days leading into the event. The league released an official itinerary of what teams can expect that day, and some wondered if the Dallas Cowboys would have a scout on site to give Kaepernick an evaluation.

Despite reports the team had already decided to send a representative to the workout, a source confirmed to me no such decision had been made, and the Cowboys were instead simply mulling if they were interested in doing so. Speaking to 105.3FM the Fan one day before the event is set to take place, owner Jerry Jones revealed the Cowboys had indeed come to terms on how they'd handle it -- by not participating at all.

When asked if reports were correct that stated the Cowboys had already chosen to send a scout, Jones was unequivocal in his reply.

"That's not correct," he said. "We're not going to have anybody there. We'll basically, you know, those are taped and we'll look at the tape if we need information there."

Jones has long held firm in his disinterest of signing Kaepernick, and took fire for his edict that requires all Cowboys players "toe the line" when it comes to standing during the National Anthem. Even the recently acquired Michael Bennett, who has been known to silently demonstrate social injustices during the Anthem, has stood in his first two games in Dallas -- noting he's doing so because his teammates asked him to, and that it doesn't change his stance on civil rights matters.

As for Kaepernick, there are approximately 11 teams confirmed to view his workout, but count the Cowboys out. That doesn't mean Jones doesn't want to see the former NFL quarterback back in the league, but he instead believes his team simply doesn't need him to backup Dak Prescott

"We really like where we are with our quarterback," Jones said. "We've got some very young quarterbacks and that's the way we think to bring anything up behind Dak is to do it with young ones like we're doing. So, we won't be there."

And as for his Anthem edict? Well, it is and will remain ironclad.

"I think we just want to do everything together as a team," he said. "Everybody knows how we do it. Our players accommodate that."

It's unknown if Kaepernick would have toed the line for Jones, and the world will never get a chance to find out.