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PHOENIX -- If there's been one common theme in Phoenix this week, it's that 49ers players clearly believe they should be playing in Super Bowl LVII and not the Eagles

Over the past week, we've heard from Brandon Aiyuk, who said he would bet everything he owns on the Chiefs if he were allowed to gamble on the Super Bowl. We've also heard from Christian McCaffrey, who said that it felt like the NFC title game was "stolen" from the 49ers because they didn't have a healthy quarterback. 

The latest 49ers player to sound off is Deebo Samuel

During an interview with Sirius XM's "Mad Dog Sports Radio" this week, Samuel not only said that the 49ers would have won the NFC Championship Game if Brock Purdy had been able to stay healthy, but he also said that San Francisco could have won by double digits. 

"Just look how well our defense was actually playing, keeping Jalen [Hurts] in the pocket, which he doesn't like to do at all," Samuel said. "So the [Eagles] offense wasn't doing anything. Our defense was doing what they were supposed to and I feel like if Brock was in as our quarterback and how our offense moves, I don't think it would have been close."

Purdy suffered a UCL injury that's expected to sideline him for at least the next six months. 

After saying that the game wouldn't have been close if Purdy had stayed healthy, Samuel was asked if the 49ers would have won by double digits. 

"Yea, like we beat everybody else," Samuel said. 

The 49ers star then made it clear that he's not saying all of this because he's bitter about his team's 31-7 loss to the Eagles. 

"It's not sour grapes at all," Samuel said. "It's just what I see every day. I'm not salty at all, I just speak facts."

The Eagles aren't thinking about the 49ers this week, but the 49ers are definitely thinking about the Eagles.