Eagles head of security Dom DiSandro has been barred from the sideline for Sunday night's game against the Dallas Cowboys, according to CBS Sports lead NFL Insider Jonathan Jones. The punishment stems from DiSandro's role in last week's scuffle between the Eagles and Cowboys. 

DiSandro, who still will be able to perform his other duties during the game, is also expected to be fined by the NFL, according to ESPN

"This is an ongoing conversation with the NFL, and we are going to respect the restriction that is currently in place," the Eagles said in a statement, via NFL Media. "Although Dom will not be on the sideline this Sunday, he will continue to fulfill his role with the team in all other capacities."

DiSandro was ejected during last week's win over the Eagles after he made contact with 49ers linebacker Dre Greenlaw, who had pointed a finger in DiSandro's face before DiSandro retaliated. The altercation between the two was part of an in-game skirmish between the Eagles and 49ers. 

Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni apologized to 49ers head coach Kyle Shanahan, who spoke on the matter a day after the 49ers' convincing 42-19 win. 

"I definitely don't have any hard feelings towards Dom or anything like that," Shanahan said to reporters Monday, via a team transcript. "I don't want anyone to go too hard on him. I think he just got caught in a weird situation and an emotional situation. So, no hard feelings towards him.

"I know a lot of people who know him and speak very highly of him. I just couldn't believe we lost our player because of it." 

In wake of the incident, the NFL issued a memo to every team reminding them that team personnel members are not permitted "to engage with or make physical contact with another club's player(s) or other personnel."