On Sunday, the Jaguars issued one-week suspensions to Jalen Ramsey for tweeting and Dante Fowler for fighting at practice. That's one way to discipline players. The Browns have a completely different kind of disciplinary system.

On Sunday, Browns coach Hue Jackson said that he disciplined rookie receiver Antonio Callaway for his marijuana citation by forcing him to play the entire preseason game against the Giants last week. According to USA Today, Callaway was on the field for 54 out of 63 offensive snaps less than a week after he was given a citation for marijuana possession and driving with a suspended license. ESPN.com reported that Callaway didn't tell the Browns about the incident before the news broke.

"I was trying to make him play the whole game if we could," Jackson said. "I didn't want him to come out.

"Because that was part of the consequence of what he had been through, and he knows it. That's what it was. Either you sit him or make him play. I thought it was better to make him play. Make him play as long as he could. There were a couple of times he kept waving to come out, and we said, 'No, stay in there.'"

It's one thing to force an established veteran who already has a defined role with the team to play in a meaningless preseason game. That's an actual punishment. It's one reason why the Jaguars' suspensions of Ramsey and Fowler feel a bit hollow. Neither of those two guys need to play in a meaningless preseason contest. If anything, they might actually enjoy their week off. 

It's an entirely other thing to give a fourth-round pick the opportunity to carve out a role with the team by allowing him to play an entire preseason game, which is when unproven players have their best shot at impressing their coaches. That's why Jackson's handling of Callaway's legal issues feels like a backwards way of discplining a player.

The thing is, if the Browns have any hope of transforming into a Wild Card sleeper, they desperately need Callaway to contribute during the upcoming season. Josh Gordon, the team's best receiver, has yet to report to the team for reasons not entirely known. Corey Coleman was just traded to Buffalo. Jarvis Landry is with the team and taking on the role of the receiving crew's leader, but he needs help. Gordon should report at some point and if he manages to stay on the field, he'll provide Landry with the help he needs. But the Browns still need a reliable third receiver and that's where Callaway comes into play.

If not for issues away from the field, Callaway likely would've been a first-round pick after two explosive seasons at Florida. Instead, he fell to the fourth round, which means if Callaway is able to avoid off-the-field problems, the Browns might have gotten an absolute steal. He certainly looked like dynamite in his preseason debut, catching three passes for 87 yards and a touchdown.

 Then again, it's only August and Callaway is already dealing with legal issues.