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The next time the Jaguars' social media team decides to send birthday wishes to a player during the offseason, they might want to check in with the front office first. 

The Jags came across as the most cold-hearted team in the NFL on Monday after they made the decision to release Foley Fatukasi in a move came just hours after the team had wished him a "Happy Birthday" on social media. 

The birthday tweet was the only one that the Jaguars sent on March 4. 

The tweet was sent out at 11:19 a.m. ET, and then, less than two-and-a-half hours later, ESPN's Jeremy Fowler reported that Fatukasi was going to be released. 

They cut the man on his birthday. That's ruthless. 

The move isn't official yet, so Fatukasi wasn't technically released on his birthday, but there's a good chance that he was informed of the move on Monday, which is just as bad. Of course, if he didn't know he was going to be released and he found out from Fowler's tweet, then his 29th birthday might go down as the worst birthday ever. 

The decision to cut Fatukasi was mostly financially related: The Jaguars will pick up $3.5 million in salary cap space by releasing their starting defensive tackle. Fatukasi started in 29 of the 30 games he played in over two seasons with the Jaguars. 

Fatukasi had signed a three-year, $30 million deal with the Jags back in March 2022 after spending the first four seasons of his career with the New York Jets

The Jags have been in cost-cutting mode this week. Not only are they going to dump Fatukasi, but the team is also expected to cut safety Rayshawn Jenkins and cornerback Darious Williams