The fight between A.J. Green and Jalen Ramsey got so ugly Sunday that it almost spilled over into the Bengals locker area. 

According to, after Ramsey was ejected and taken to the Jaguars' locker room, he decided to wanted to continue the fight, so he started heading for the Bengals locker area. However, the fight didn't continue because Ramsey was restrained "by Jaguars personnel and EverBank Stadium security" before he could get anywhere near Green. 

Both Green and Ramsey were ejected from the game after getting into a full blown fight with just under 30 seconds left in the first half. On a Bengals running play that didn't involve either player, Ramsey shoved Green, who retaliated by putting the Jaguars corner in a chokehold and then punching him several times. 

After Green was ejected, he kept talking trash until the Bengals coaching staff pulled him away and led him to Cincinnati's locker room. 

As for Ramsey, although Jaguars security kept him from hunting down Green, he did get close enough to the Bengals locker room that he was able to scream "profanities" at the team as they entered the visitors'  locker area at halftime. According to ESPN, Ramsey also yelled that he was going find Green as soon as Jaguars security let him go. 

After the game, the normally mild-mannered Green apologized for attacking Ramsey

"I shouldn't have reacted that way," Green said, via "I apologize to my teammates, [Bengals owner Mike] Brown, and everybody, because that's not who I am. It just got the best of me today."

Based on the way Green described the incident, Ramsey had been taking cheap shots all game before the Bengals receiver finally just snapped. 

"When you start trying to take cheap shots when I'm not looking and stuff like that, then that's when I've got to defend myself and I'm not going to back down from anybody," Green said. "I have a son, and I'm not going to teach him to back down from anybody like that. It's a respect thing. I respect all my opponents -- but when it gets to a level, when I'm not looking and put myself in danger, I'm going to have to defend myself."

Green getting into a fight was so out of character that Steelers receiver Antonio Brown even tweeted about it.